[Shipped] Build FAQ section for the new web


To save the admin resources from having to answer the same questions again, again, and again! :slight_smile:

JK! My goal is to build a friendly & helpful FAQ section on the main landing page, where new users can find out the answers to their basic questions at a glance. Most of the questions will be about the fundamentals of the Incognito project.

Success measurement

:pray: ‘Hey, what is this, what is that, what does this/that mean, who can explain this/that to me PLEASE?’

:point_right: ‘Go check the FAQ on site!’

Done! :slight_smile:


1 month (February 2021)


DarkMode Duchess and her alliance. Yo! :slight_smile:

Key results

It’s literally exactly like what the name means: Frequently Asked Questions. FAQ section is expected to wrap all needed information about the project at a go:

  • Basic technique applied on incognito chains.
  • Products (built on/for incognito).
  • Validators and relevant information.
  • Native coin and relevant information.


Need help

To ensure that this FAQ section will be realistic, friendly and helpful, we need your help on submitting your questions.

Anyone used to help new users with some of their basic questions, or recall the first day you joined incognito, what confused you most? Let’s jot them down in the comments below this post. Much appreciated!

Please note that each answer will link to more reading discussion on the forum. Therefore, you have one more option to thrive the information source by making helpful posts and topics on we.incognito.org.

Thank you!


Top questions i answer. Is my node offline? Why hasn’t my node earned? How do I buy prv if I need prv to buy it (faucet)? Do I need to withdraw prv interest from provide and add it back in?


Why is unshielding for this (ERC20) token so expensive?

  • Incognito uses smart contracts to release tokens for unshielding. Smart contracts use more gas than a basic transaction. (An example here would a very good idea.)

Why is trading for this token on Uniswap or Kyber so expensive?

  • Trading on Uniswap or Kyber involves the use of smart contracts, similar to unshielding. (Another example here would a very good idea.)

What is Ethereum gas and how does it affect fees when using Incognito?

  • All transactions on Ethereum must pay a gas fee to miners. During periods of heavy network usage, gas prices will rise quite high. High gas prices can be further compounded when smart contracts are involved. (Example of basic gas fee vs smart contract gas fee when Eth network demand is low vs high would be a very good idea.

Why can’t we have a slider for Ethereum gas fees? I can do that with DEF wallet. And pay a lot less than I do with Incognito.

  • Smart contracts vs basic transactions. Explain again. With diagrams and examples.

Where did my crypto go? Scam!

  • Check your current keychain. (A good overview of keychains management – not key management – would help users to understand keychain context.) And be patient. (A table describing Pending vs Processing vs Receiving and what the [n] means might assuage some new user concern.) Also Incognito block times. And external network confirmations. Also not scam.

Wen dark mode?

  • Gather offerings of ten apricots :peach: , exotic coffees :coffee: and the soul of thy enemy :ghost:. Upon the next full moon :full_moon: gather in the deepest, darkest vestigal forest :evergreen_tree: of Node Trees. Build a bonfire :fire: worthy of Her Darkness’ considerable fortitude. Surround the conflagration with your offerings presented upon iPad tablets :iphone: displaying light :flashlight: mode apps. Chant the sacred invocation “Mistress of the dark pixels, your power we seek!”. The DarkMode Duchess :crown: shall be summoned. :duck: :duck: :duck: For this is of her dominion, upon which no mere mortal shall tread.

Why can’t I deposit XYZ coin to my Incognito address?

  • Deposits must be made to a Incognito shielding address not an Incognito address (begins with 12S or 12R). (Expiration time discussion here, include a suggested workflow from an exchange [exchange --> external wallet --> Incognito] to mitigate deposit timeouts. Explain Resume workflow in app for timed-out deposits.)

Why can’t I deposit ABC token to my favorite exchange?

  • Some exchanges do not accept deposits from smart contracts. Transfer to external wallet first, then to your favorite exchange.

Why can’t I transfer my USDT/USDC from/into other networks such as Tron, Binance SmartChain, Algorand, EOS, Stellar, etc. to avoid high fees?

  • These networks are not currently supported with network bridges on Incognito. (Discussion of Incognito bridges, including development time, would be useful here.) To the devs – hint!! hint!!

@Mike_Wagner you had me dying with that dark mode…


Holy crap that’s hilarious. And quite informative (looks like you’ve had practice)


:pray: :pray: :pray: :duck: :duck: :duck:
Much appreciated! Esp the 6th question :slight_smile:


I’m dying too :slight_smile:

Btw, thanks for your inputs :relaxed:

Work in progress

Right now it is all about gathering information and managing this information in a low maintenance way in the backend.

Interactive content, vids and quizzes will be added later on.

I don’t think it will interfere with what you are going to do. The more information the better.


Ummm…sorry but I am like a newbie around these parts and well can someone please give me directions to ummm… :blush:…to the …ummm…darkest vestigial forest where the Ummm the Duchess resides…I have need of her services I think… :smiling_imp:@Mike_Wagner awesome questions Bro loved your input and well I had to you know take the dark mode inquiry on…hehehe… :wink:…great work Bro once again…loved this string has gotten so many inputs from the core of the what I have come to know as the core team of moderators that I met when first I arrived at the Incognito community and it’s good to see you all commenting…sorry I had not been around these past few weeks…had been in the hospital for past 3 weeks with Covid…and home now thankfully… :sunglasses:

By the way, the whole project and concept is a really good idea there @Ducky am glad you came up with the idea for it and the implementation plan for it… :sunglasses:


Totally agree, Jamie :wink: Thanks for sharing your work, I will be learning from it as a helpful reference.

Actually the FAQ section on the landing page will consist of basic questions which are frequently asked by new users. If you intend to diversify your content with deeper aspects, it won’t overlap. :relaxed:


Yep, it will have that and more.


I’m a bit late for the original plan, but it will be shipped eventually.

Hey everyone,

As most of you have seen the quiet from team in the middle of February, it was because of the Lunar New Year celebration of some Asian countries. Fortunately, it finished! :pray:

We got back to work normally. Thanks everyone who has been checking with me to see if we’re still alive. :sweat_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding the FAQ section: we’re loading 80% of the plan and finalizing the collections of questions and answers now. The first version is estimated to launch in the 1st week of March to get feedback from users.

I will keep you updated once the section is up. Thanks! :duck:


Hey there @Ducky…it is good to see and hear from you…:wink: …I look forward to seeing the new FAQ section for I know it’s going to look great… :sunglasses:


Hey everyone,

The 1st version of FAQ section is up!

Click here to visit the Incognito knowledge base. :raised_hands: :eyeglasses:

This is just the first version, so I know that many questions are still missing. No worries, we will be keeping this section updated on the way with more fashionable questions.

Meanwhile, we need your feedback on how do you like about:

  • The layout: is it…clear enough?

  • The categories: are those 11 selected categories able to cover all aspects of the project to users?

    Have a suggestion for new category? Have your say!

  • The format: is the way we address the questions and answers straight and informative enough?

Comment below if you find this work helpful, have more suggestions to improve the section, or even a feedback for adjustment. Thank you all! :raised_hands:

P/s: I would like to say special thanks to all fellows who have been helping me on doing this FAQ section (Devs, Ning, Aaron, Lena, etc. I believe that they don’t want to be mentioned in the post :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)


@Ducky…very nice so far and oh yes thanks to all the other fellows that have been assisting you with the FAQ section… :sunglasses:


Super cool !!

Thanks everyone.
Do let me know if we can do any other improvement for the section. All for users! :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

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