Incognito March 2021 Targets

If you read the recent Letter to PRV Holders, you know that as a team, we’re shifting our focus to making Incognito more transparent and easy to use/understand.

We’re continuing development on the features we’ve announced previously, and are moving at full steam toward network milestones like dynamic committee size and privacy v.2. But before introducing new features or making dedicated growth efforts, we’re spending march to fill the information void in a way that’s conducive to picking up privacy quickly.

To that end, here’s what we’re working on in March:

Layer 1

Layer 2



  • Integrate Coinspect feedback for Ethereum contract audit and inspect audit documentation

  • Design Portal v.4 UI and ready it for deployment in testnet

  • Benchmark performance of Ledger integration

  • New flow for initializing tokens with Privacy v.2

  • Weigh new gas reduction solution options

If you have questions or want to share feedback, comment on the threads directly. If there isn’t a thread on a particular topic, feel free to start the discussion!