Incognito February 2021 Targets

February goals

This month, we’re working on expanding the privacy ecosystem with new tools, features, and ways to use privacy. At the same time, we’re doubling down on our growth efforts with fresh strategies to share privacy with the world.

In both areas, our focus is the pDEX. We want to highlight and improve on the benefits or trading anonymously on a permissionless, decentralized exchange. Here’s an overview of our goals for the month:

Make the pDEX the most-used privacy DEX in the world

Layer 2

Our goal is that you can one day engage with every area of your online and financial activity from the safety of privacy. We need to build new products and integrate popular ones to make that happen.

  • Develop Web Extension 2.0, improving shield/unshield processes and making development easier

  • Implement privacy v2 for the SDK, mobile app, and web extension to increase the scope of privacy

  • Build Web pDEX v1 for online trading and ease of access, as well as to lift the app requirement

  • Design Add v2 (aka Invest 2.0) for better and more sustainable incentives for liquidity provision

  • Set the specifications and goals for Incognito Pay

  • Build bridges to ZCoin, Beam, Polkadot, and other popular blockchains to welcome even more crypto communities to Incognito

Many of these efforts are outlined in the App v5 proposal.

Layer 1

If we’re going to welcome the entire world to privacy by default, the Incognito chain layer needs to be rock solid. We’ve got privacy, it’s time to start upgrading.

  • Deploy Privacy v2 for anonymity to apply to even more network activity.

  • Deploy BFT2 for round-robin proposal sequence on the mainnet, increasing scalability and more

  • Integrate the new full node app-side, for security and stability

  • Implement the new staking/slashing code on the mainnet for network resilience and to get closer to release

  • Build the Network Monitor API

  • Finalize protocol design for Portal v4, which gets rid of custodians and liquidations, and begin implementation

  • Write Ledger integration protocols so we can have access to anonymous cold storage

  • Use gastoken feature to reduce the Ethereum bridge gas fees because they’re getting ridiculous

  • Initiate a 3rd-party audit of the Ethereum contract because a fresh set of eyes (not that ours aren’t fresh) focused on security is important

  • Perform quality assurance for all developments

Even though February is the shortest month of the year, this month is going to be one of the busiest. We’re working hard to make privacy by default for the entire crypto industry, and then the entire world.

If you want to take part, you’re welcome to! Share your ideas, ask questions, leave comments, share posts, or build your own projects! Incognito is yours, so take it!


Bold agenda! Love seeing many community suggestions!

Im a major fan boi, y all doing a good job, keep it up!


I am excited with all of the objectives listed and am hoping for success in all of them.

During the PRV Holders call, it was suggested to add any other places you would like to see PRV listed… I think CMC and an updated Coingecko are priority, but wanted to give another suggestion of a service I use that would be beneficial for me if PRV was added:

Live Coin Watch:

This was the only post I could find on fourm that had any current talk about this topic, so I went ahead put my comment here


You guys are on fire - absolutely love it and look forward for February to end soon! :rofl:

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Thanks @SecurityFirst, @doc, and @scooter for the support!

@doc, good idea. We’ll look into it!

@elena’s proposal here will likely include any updates on that front, but if/when something happens I’ll be sure to tag you.