Is there any way period that crypto through this app can be traced?

Lets say I buy bitcoin from an exchange, I send bitcoin from there to my incognito wallet. it gets shielded. Then send bitcoin to a public address. does each time I shield, then send to a public address, it is sent from a new btc address? If that makes sense and is understandable?

Like basically do you just get new addresses once you shield and then unshield? I’ve been converting to XMR just as an extra layer of security/privacy. But I’m just wondering, is it even possible this could ever get deanonymized by some entity or is it foul proof?

Also, what would happen if a government demanded information about someone’s wallet or address/activities? Are you in a position to be able to refuse? Idk where this is located if it is. Russia? But let’s just stick to Western nations governments. US, Canada, etc. Can you refuse to hand over info if demanded?

Currently the Portal design used for trustless bridges (eg BTC) assigns an unique, static shielding address for each Incognito account. Shielded BTC will remain at that address until Portal uses the UTXO for an unshield transaction. The unshield transaction is not necessarily tied to your account. The longer you keep your pBTC in the network, the greater the chance the BTC you shielded will be used for a unshield transaction. When you then finally unshield your pBTC, the BTC deposited to your external wallet would come from one (or more) UTXOs created by other shielding transactions.

Conversely if you shield BTC, then unshield the same amount a very short time later, it is possible you could receive the very same BTC back – unlikely, but possible.

What you are describing is a mixer or mixer service. Incognito is neither of these things.

The Incognito dev team is largely located in Vietnam.


“Conversely if you shield BTC, then unshield the same amount a very short time later, it is possible you could receive the very same BTC back – unlikely, but possible.”

So, could you work around this by just unshielding two separate amounts? Don’t think that could give the same address for a different amount right?

Oh, what about if you send the pbitcoin to another privacy address then unshielded that?

Perhaps. Again Incognito is not a mixer service.

Incognito is privacy focused network. That privacy is only maintained inside the Incognito network. Transactions with any external public network (ie shielding or unshielding) are by definition not private.

Shielding/unshielding transactions that create a break in transactional flow are byproducts of the network protocol and NOT the intended focus or use of the Incognito network.


ok thanks for the info. The youtube videos made it seem like you put it in, it cant be seen based on a bunch of processes, and if you take it out and send, there is no trace but this clears it up.