[Protocol Release] Incognito Chain’s Code Upgrade [20230912_1]

Hello Incognito validators,

We’ve just released a protocol code update for Privacy Inscriptions.

The update will be implemented once there are at least 85% validators of the network running the new code.

Changes in this release:

  • Fixed check shardID tx response + Check data is base64 encode (#1560)
  • Updated state object key for privacy inscriptions (#1559)
  • Privacy Inscriptions feature (#1558)

The latest code is published in 2 forms:

If you run pNodes or set up your vNodes by following our instructions, they should pull the latest docker image automatically. Please note that it’s totally up to you to choose a method to manage your nodes for accepting or rejecting a new protocol code release by customizing the script or even writing your own.

In case you encounter any issues with the code update, feel free to contact @support for assistance.


Hey Incognito validators,

The team has identified an issue with the built binary of the last Docker image that caused an error with the sort function due to Golang breaking changes in the new version, and we have just pushed a new one to Docker Hub for a fix.

We’ve also updated the Docker and Github tags from the original post above. So, if your nodes automatically pull the newer Docker tag (20230912_1), there is nothing unusual to worry about.

Apologize for the inconvenience!

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