Privacy Quest - What prizes can I win?

So you want to join the Privacy Quest? Awesome!

If you haven’t already, take a look at how to play, and get familiar with the rules. If you just want to know what you can win, read on!

A big quest with big prizes

To protect against bots/fraud and encourage new users to explore the app, there will be a fee of 0.07 PRV [apologies for the earlier typo] for each spin on the wheel. This helps new users get familiar with app features like shielding, trading, and sending between accounts. This way, people come for the Quest, but stay for the privacy.

For every QUEST token you earn, you get to spin the prize wheel once. Prizes are limited, and not every prize has an equal probability of appearing.

With each spin, you have a chance to win crypto, take part in the first open source BTC lottery, and win privacy-focused software and hardware.

You can win:

  • The world’s most popular privacy coin: 0.01 XMR, 0.1 XMR

  • Incognito’s native cryptocurrency: 0.01 PRV, 1 PRV, 2 PRV, 3 PRV, 10 PRV

  • The original cryptocurrency: 0.001 BTC

  • 1 Lotto token, which allows you to enter the 1 BTC lottery at the end of the game.

  • A coupon for a 1 year VPN subscription.

  • A Node coin, redeemable in the “Power” tab for Incognito’s original mining device, Node.

Which prize are you hoping for?


  1. We’ve removed the 0.01 PRV prize, and lowered the spin fee to 0.07 PRV. This way, you don’t have to consolidate your UTXOs after receiving countless 0.01 PRV transactions, but you ultimately spend the same amount to spin. Plus, when you do win a prize, you’ve spent 0.01 PRV less!

  2. You can now spin 20 times with one transaction!

  3. We’ve fixed the screen resolution bug. If you haven’t been able to spin because of this, you should now be able to.

Keep checking in!

We’ll be randomly adding new prizes because it’s more fun that way! So keep an eye on this topic, and on the wheel itself.

Good luck! Remember to share the game with your friends, so that no one loses out on any unopened chests!


Ah 1 BTC please. You can keep the rest.


My wish this :rofl::innocent:
I am ready for Quest.


1BTC will be mine, lol, very interesting


IMO, all those prices are great but the 1 free spin.

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If you get a few you get more spins, so more chances :slight_smile:


Right, I remember now that you may receive no prize at all. :man_facepalming:

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So the odds of winning 1 btc are 1 in 12? Or does the wheel use a internal spin algorithm lol


Probability is different for each prize, so some are much harder to win than others :wink:


Hey @aaron, why do I have the quest button but when I click it nothing happens?

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I’ll DM you!

I bet that if the wheel slices size were truthful, you wouldn’t even see the 1 BTC prize.


It’s full of sense :slight_smile:

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i got 3 free spins :tickets: now i’m more excited than ever! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::moneybag:

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I won 6 new quests but why I just received 2 tokens?

I have the same issue, worse than your case, just 1 token

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Are probabilities of each prize disclosed?


@Gleek @LebronLK You should wait for the minimum number of people for each quest, i.e. the number on the right side of “/” :slight_smile:

Same issue :joy: I should have had 3 but I have 2. 1 missing.

@LebronLK @abduraman Do you guys still have the same issue? You should have received your tokens by now.


Hey @incepted First of all welcome to the incognito community :slight_smile:

Full prizes and probabilities will be disclosed shortly.