Need your help: Most wanted bridges.

Hey guys!

Creating a bridge is hefty work, and depending on the bridge, it can take weeks or even months for our developers to fully build. We want to know which bridges have the highest demand from you guys, this way we can have a better understanding of which bridges to prioritize.

With that said, I’m looking to get a bit of feedback. Below is a list of bridges the community has asked for. Which other chains would you like to see supported? Let us know in the comments! (The list will be updated)

The list currently includes:

  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Algorand
  • Primecoin
  • Ravencoin
  • LBRY
  • EOS
  • Ripple
  • Cardano
  • XCash
  • IOTA
  • Polkadot
  • Tron
  • Cosmos
  • Digibyte



LBC, from LBRY.


Binance smart chain is in road map. Regarding other bridges. I think the best way is to ask core teams of those projects to maintain own bridge to the incognito. Their community will trust them more.

See here for more: Maintaining your own bridge to Incognito


After BSC (since it will enable wrapped XRP, EOS, TRX etc.), Tron and EOS should be first on the list since they have their own platforms like Ethereum. Then, we may follow the marketcaps. So, XRP, LTC, ADA, and so on.


Thanks for the feedback. Well yes we could always base it off the highest ranked currencys, but it would take a bunch of work and time to cover them all, the idea behind the post is to see which one the community finds as a priority, we want to build bridges that will be used alot. Hope that makes sense. Added Tron, Eos, XRP and Cardano to the list :slight_smile:

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Hi Andrey, I think the priority should be based on number of users on each chain (potencial users) and time for development. Good lucky!

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I think that Binance Smart Chain and its tokens should be the priority.
Then I would like Tron and tokens based on this network. There are many casino dapps (like WinK) that could benefit from an integration with Incognito.
For sure also BCH is interesting, since we already have BTC it should be easy to add other Bitcoin-like networks.
Better to start with networks that will support a certain level of interoperability and/or wrapped tokens.

Some interesting future networks to add, should be XCASH (x-network), another privacy blockchain/network based on a delegate proof of stake consensus based on monero codebase, and IOTA for IoT and M2M privacy layer.


I think Binance Smart Chain should be the only priority for now.

Then I think the dev time should be spent on integrating an L2 incoming/outgoing solution for eth.


I would like these added:

Obviously there is advantage with adding Binance as well. I’d also like to mention that adding Litecoin is great because it gives you another option to send value out of the Incognito network to most other exchanges. If BTC transaction fee’s are high, or ERC-20 transaction fee’s are high, there is still another option. Not every exchange supports the newer coins, but most to all exchanges supports Litecoin.


Polka polka polkadot! :smiley:


It’s actually already on the list, but with a typo - “LRBY” (should be “LBRY” or, better, “LBRY Credits”).

Hi @Chucky. As far as I’m concernded, I’d love to see these bridges added as well:

  • Cosmos $ATOM
  • Digibyte $DGB

Oh nice catch! fixed and added cosmos and dgb.

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I can’t find it

On the list @J053 not on the wallet yet.


Great, thanks! :+1:

Vechain would be really nice! Litecoin is one I’m excited for too.


Algorand, Polkadot & LBC (LBRY Credits).

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I agree that binance should be number one.
Ecosystems and should be priority.
I dont know if its possible but It would be great to be able to stake them from WITHIN incognito.

After that things with utility. LBRY, theta, sia, file coin

And then there is what is good for the crypto soul… Doge.

Because the crypto family dog dosnt do much, yet brings merriment and good tidings.


It seems like people are just listing their favorite coins…but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a useful addition to the ecosystem…

I will add lightning network to my requests along with previously mentioned incoming L2 incoming/outgoing solution for ETH. Loopring seems to have the most privacy enhancing benefits but they are probably not going to be adopted as easily because they have a ‘competing’ exchange.

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