Unshielding Fee

Hi there,

Wanted to unshield USDT but it will cost me about 26 USDT. Is there no way to get over those high fees? I think you can not do anything about it, but with the TRC network for example its possible to send ERC-20 tokens like USDT with nearly any fees. Just tried the TRC Network and it was working fine with 0.01$ fees or sth. like that. Why dont we implement that network as well?

You could buy BNB or XMR and exit till they don ’ t integrate Binance Smart Chain or TRX!
Smart Chain is already programmed and i suggested also TRX for USDT.
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Thank you vermy much! I think XMR is good because the liquidity is very high for this one I guess and the sending fee is like “nothing” ! I will give you a feedback with the slippage I had ^^


Ok just for feedback reasons: I traded DAI to XMR and send that to an exchange.

After that XMR to USDT.

“Lost” 1,2% from DAI to XMR to USDT.

That is deffinitely acceptable in comparison to the USDT fee.