Need your help: Most wanted bridges.

Yep, looks like. From another point of view, nobody can stop core teams of those projects or communities of those projects to maintain own bridge to Incognito.

Here is a quick guid on -> Maintaining your own bridge to Incognito. On early stages of those bridges it would be enough to play with trusted set up.

Anyone can kickstart own bridge to Cosmos, Polkadot, LBRY and pitch it to their communities to test the water )

Once we see demand on any of trusted bridges, we will be able to prioritize implementation fo trust-less set up for it.


Hey there guys!

I love ripple because of the low transfer fees and what I often do is buy ripple at a local exchange and then I convert it using to monero and send it to my Incognito wallet.

I would love to hear if there is another less expensive way to buy Monero.

But coming back to topic… any plans to add ripple to incognito???

Hey @amarsari Moved your post here to keep it on the right thread. I will conduct a vote shortly to see which of these currencys is the one with highest demand. Stay tuned!


Hi I think with privacy coins under attack it’s hard to get them. I think it would be supper cool if you guys supported Firo (XZC), Zcash (ZEC), and Particl (PART) for trades. They have their use cases and some hardware wallet support.


Sounds great! Thank you so much!

Polkadot and algorand please

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@andrey Do you happen to have any news on Cardano with the contact I made to the IOHK team? Would be awesome to get a feedback if the ball is rolling already or what your plans are… Not stress, just a heads up! Cardano would be a great addition and I am 100% sure we can bring a lot of liquidity pretty quickly! :wink:

Hey @scooter haven’t chance to talk with Cardano team yet. CC @elena in Jan she is going to launch several bridges and will try to talk with IOHK team.

@elena if you don’t mind, please keep this thread updated, so everyone knows of what is going on this direction :slight_smile:


+1 for LBC / Library. They lack right now DEX for trading as well, thus an integration would be awesome.

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+1 for Cosmos & Ripple


Polkadot is on the 2021 roadmap:


Helium (HNT) would be really awesome. Unfortunately they’re not a fork of another chain so it’ll be a new implementation. Its bringing a huge ecosystem of people new to crypto though.

There is a difference between building bridges and adding a coin, I wonder if everyone is aware of that.


Please #BSC soon ! :slight_smile:


In cooperation with @andrey we just filed a proposal to the Cardano Fund3 challenge to fund the creation of a bridge between Incognito and Cardano. While funding isn’t even the most important part here it’s more about testing the reaction towards such bridge within the Cardano community. We are currently proposing using the “Incognito Bond Contract” to build the bridge but the final goal should definitely be a fully trustless bridge. Let’s see how the community reacts and hopefully we can make this reality soon + bring liquidity to pADA on Incognito!


I just forgot another very interesting bridge that we could look at.

DeFiChain is a blockchain defi enabled on Bitcoin . They have their own blockchain but no bridges at all.

Market Cap is around 1Billion and the only way to send token out is through a KYC service called CAKE and exchanges like bittrex and hotbit.

I was an early adopter since the early days but actually , even if the project pumped, I’m not a big fan of it: they could have made much more developing!

Anyway imagine what would be if we can do an incognito bridge that could allow them to use incognito as a second layer and maybe would be good for incognito if they start doing things in the right way that project could skyrocket!

I had a big problem with withdrawal and i wanted to share this possibillity to the team…


DCR (Decred) please :slight_smile:


Thanks @Katoshicoins, we will check the information about DeFiChain and will try to figure out if there is a way to mutually beneficial cooperation.


+1 for Ripple and Stellar


Thanks for the input. Will take it into account.