Hosting service for vNodes! Website fully automated

:new: Nodes - Hosting service :tada:

Presenting to the community a new service to host your Incognito nodes.

  • You provide the stake, we the infrastructure.
  • Earnings and stake in your control, we don’t ask for any private keys.
  • Monthly fee is based on earnings: 10%, no more.
  • 5 USD for each node’s initial setup.

Here’s an up-to-date chart with the average monthly earnings per node.*

* Based on the data from our hosted nodes.

:sparkles: Features :sparkles:


See the status of the docker, the node itself, its role and sync state.


Monthly earnings.

Earnings records

Automatic payments and fixed deposit account

Each account has a unique wallet associated with it, used to accept payments.
You can top-up the account with PRV and the monthly fee will automatically be charged from that.
You can also withdraw any amount at any time to any address.

Earnings notifications

Delivered right to your Telegram account. You can always opt-out from notifications.

Have any question? Feel free to post a comment, or send me a message.


Looks pretty nice. Am I required to have a specific speed for my internet to run nodes through this website?

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Hello! You don’t need anything at all except the PRV to stake the node (1750) and the 5 USD for the initial setup (36~). Our service takes care of the rest, all the technicalities. We do the hosting in our servers.

So no, you don’t need any specific internet speed. :smiley:

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Ok sounds great. So just to make sure I understand that will be 5 usd for each node set up along with the 1750prv stake and the monthly fee is a total of 10% of my monthly earnings and you guys are hosting so I dnt need to have Internet correct?

Yes, exactly that.

Just to make another thing clear, you never share your private keys with us, so all the earnings and the stake stays in your control. So long that at the end of the month you pay the 10% nothing else is required.

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Ok great so I’m manually sending the 10% every month? Will the system show me the exact amount I need to send?

If you prefer it that way yes, but you can also send PRV to the deposit account and the charges will be done automatically.
A message will be delivered when the time comes. There’s a grace period of 3 days to do the payments.
Any deposited PRV can be withdrawn at any time to any account.

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Ok I understand thank you

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Gm @J053, the product looks great, especially, the UI… it is pretty sick!

I personally believe that this sort of complete product from a community member will meaningfully contribute to development of the project in general.

Thanks for your great work!


Do i need to create a new keychain for each new virtual node? When adding the virtual node where do I find the ip address?

Yes, you need a new keychain for every new node.
And it won’t be an IP in this case, it’ll be the URL that you are given in the monitor minutes after paying the setup fee.

So after paying the setup fee and inputing the url will the new node show on my app so i can add the 1750prv stake?

Yes, precisely that.

Ok thank you

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@J053 Hey(((
I have encountered a lot of problems when using your service(
Among the first customers I bought three nodes from you…but I ran into the following problems…

The first node quickly synchronized …but he hasn’t answered for 17 hours…

The second and third have not been able to synchronize in any way for more than a day (

I have a lot of questions about the quality of your services!!! I hope you will do serious work on the bugs! And do not let the problems in the future!!! So far I am disappointed in your services!

Hello, @Ramzes!

First of all, I’m sorry about the misunderstanding and thank you for being my first customer, I’m really happy about that.

I’m guessing the two nodes you hosted with me were hosted previously in another server? Because they already came with the slashed flag and had earning records.

It is actually working well. All you need to do is stake them; they are unstaked. The first one is staked, but it’s offline because it still has 23 epochs to be in committee. You see, I only turn on the nodes which are close to or in committee and the unstaked nodes are kept turned on indefinitely until you stake them but I delete its beacon files every 30 minutes to prevent them for filling up the space of my server. Only the nodes which are close to or in committee get the beacon and shard files, so don’t worry about that, they’ll work just fine after you stake them, you’ll see.

I actually had 11 nodes for the last year and I have perfected this technique, that’s why I have decided to make it into a website.

In summary: all you need to do is stake your nodes 2 and 3, please, so that they can start mining. Don’t worry if you see them stopped, that’s intended when they don’t need to be online. That way I can use a cheaper server and offer lower prices.


Great to see this @J053!! :slight_smile:

I’ll send you a separate PM to discuss a potential need! :slight_smile:

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I have sent you an email - do not want to link my telegram - what do I do ?!

Cheers :beers:

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Hello! I sent you a PM.

I’ll be migrating the server, so the website will be down for some time, but the nodes will be alright.

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