vNode hosting service

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Hello. I’m offering a hosting service for anyone who wants to have one or more vNodes without the hassles of managing a server.

There will be three extra services.

  1. A Notion spreadsheet that gets automatically updated with your nodes’ earnings.

  2. An optional Telegram bot that tells you when your bot earns something.

  3. A custom link with https, so the connections made to the nodes’ URLs are encrypted.

Who am I

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I’ve been managing nodes since a year or more.
I’m the creator of the Ensi and Lana Telegram bots, and more recently a script that helps freeing space when you have multiple nodes.

I know what I’m doing: I own 6 nodes and all of them are healthy, working 24/7. Plus, I really like doing this job.

How much does a vNode earns monthly

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Given my experience, an average of 84.68 PRV each 30 days.

How I got that number
I got this data from my 5 nodes.
Validator public keys of them.
1 14nUEc4Yz5baih5bGgkTpemK2WUaA7LjCsGzZBgSSLTUypsya2hfPNVK1GjB8rT2mKRa42E1KcWi1X1u5xvxSTra8zopir3TXycSA3d1wKxDPTVZiqQCi5q39f49yCFQtTyfnL47BoB1W2bGQckC6fNwv5rTN5fz5jpr5EmoiRhB6MU4EPjrF
2 1BoLvywGDC8TUxx4aMQ5fwKhqa4zgDKMQYwLLbLeX53v6xGXYC4k3WnJvakTeKdbkHDcgD6Z9eMKhow85AFoiE3t1XKrimbBH4wEbMYqCBRRJ2bAkFK1cLYczB91iFbxfuMAE45AyPPJirYks2ZEJA8aZnrg6wtj7vMBynMX11qpxB6yZw8XU
3 1Ehsgg9AsFp1Hwisv49XmAwNjV5MrnBbhGKjk3Vm7Vu7tWs2fX8dmJRTjAc6xPzbMmJYWfEvmqJVt9kia85yFU9gdZ9habq7RdmFs8oJ4d63ubiZXnFrNKABxbwRX2TEUYrpDWr4pTr2J2Q1jMvBkUdSh9knTZHQNThHbb43MzdxHbThAxVPP
4 1NWTg33BhfHQtG2gZXc3T7HK2kAM1zPtSjDfTuybEvBktsHhyEP9uN3stfLFGHdu2MPCNudcz21r84NKr7spNhRUQagRRENA4RXDDGADWHZhrF3dj7FB5igdBPMkWLVu8QgLSenrMBx6fVrHU6dKvnXsu8xHe7LE4X7SQPBNHu5GRxxLx8vka
5 1NWTg33BhfHQtG2gZXc3T7HK2kAM1zPtSjDfTuybEvBktsHhyEP9uN3stfLFGHdu2MPCNudcz21r84NKr7spNhRUQagRRENA4RXDDGADWHZhrF3dj7FB5igdBPMkWLVu8QgLSenrMBx6fVrHU6dKvnXsu8xHe7LE4X7SQPBNHu5GRxxLx8vka
It takes 63.4 epoch for each node to earn an average of 29 prv.
Epoch | Earningn | Epochs waited

4959   27.12  64
4895   18.08  66
4829   36.17

4955   18.08  63
4892   27.12  67
4825   36.17

4947   27.12  60
4887   36.17  65
4822   27.12

4946   27.12  63
4883   36.17  61
4822   18.08

4938   27.12  66
4872   36.17  59
4813   27.12

       29.06 63.4
And 63.4 epochs take around 1 week, 3 days, 6 hours and 33 minutes.
A block is created each 40 seconds, and 1 epoch has 350, so one epoch is 3 hour, 53 min and 20 seconds long, or 233.33 minutes.
So how many minutes are in 63.4 epochs? 
233.33 * 63.4 = 14,793.33.
So they earn approximately 84.68 PRV each 30 days.
30 days have 43,200 minutes.
14,793.33 - 29
43,200    - x
x = (43,200*29)/14,793.33 = 84.68681493619083735711

Pricing and details

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I’ll ask for 10% of your node earnings by the first of each month, and an initial payment of 5 USD given in PRV or a stable coin as a setup fee for each new node you want to host.

I’ll be able to determine how many earnings your node has made by watching it with a Telegram bot I made, which of course you could also use if you wanted to. Each end of month I’ll calculate the sum of its earnings and multiply them by 0.1 to get the 10%. If your node is still earning, I won’t take into consideration the earnings that may get next, only the ones it has already earned.
I’ll keep the information inside an online Excel-like sheet for the records which I’ll share with you.

There won’t be any discounts or changes in the pricing; it is and will always be fixed.

The communication can be done either here or in Telegram.

How secure it is?

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Totally secure, because for each node I’ll only ask for its incognito address, validator public key, and validator key, which cannot be used to move funds, un-stake or even claim any reward, for that one would need to have the private key. Never trust your private keys to anyone, not even to me.

Contact information

Send me a message to my Telegram: @SenorBinario, or here in the platform.


Hope you get some traction for offering the service. It’s good to see someone take initiative to offer something. I didn’t mind the team offering an easy staking service but if people want decentralization it also has to come from the community so props to you.


Great job. I am a happy Jose’s costumer. I plenty recommend him

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Hello, everyone.

I want to remind you that I offer three extra services if you decide to host your node with me.

  1. A Notion spreadsheet that gets automatically updated with your nodes’ earnings.

  2. An optional Telegram bot that tells you when your bot earns something.

  3. A custom link with https, so the connections made to the nodes’ URLs are encrypted.

That’ll cost only 10% of your nodes’ earning per month plus 5 dollars only once for the setup fee.

I already have 2 customers which are totally happy with the service.

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These seem to contradict each other. Why would someone using your service need to send their private key to your server?

I offer the same service and only need the users’ Validator Key and Validator Public Key.

I don’t ask for their private keys, but, as far as I know, every request to withdraw rewards directly connects with the node’s URL. Or am I wrong?

Ah, I misunderstood. I thought you were requiring the 1750prv to run the node.

My understanding is the request is made to the blockchain to process and not to the nodes directly, as I’ve withdrawn rewards before from nodes that were offline.

On a second thought you’re right. Calls to the node’s URL do not include the private key, and I’m not sure if they can, but most probably the withdraws are done calling the mainnet fullnode, which do has HTTPS. I’ll correct my publication.

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What hardware are you using? What safeguards do you have against downtime? In my own experience with my own 5 nodes on a custom VM server at a residence it’s almost impossible to keep them from getting slashed every so often due to extended power outages or weird update issues.

Not a single working node has been slashed since I started this service. My server is running a Fullnode and 9 other nodes, but if you wish to host your nodes with me I’ll actually get a new server.

You didn’t actually answer my questions.

8 cores, 30 GB RAM.

I monitor the nodes every day, so any downtime I’ll most certainly will be able to handle. What safeguards do you have and would want me to have?

My server has 28 cores, 128gb ram, and 2-2TB sata SSDs in a raid 1. I presently have battery backup for my home network/internet, plus the VM server. I really want to get a generator, and actually wired my house for one after a 4 day outage last winter, but just haven’t been able to afford the actual generator. If I were to go with a node service I would expect battery backup and a generator for true 24/7 runtime. Do you run the nodes in separate VMs or containers? 9 seems like a lot for one instance as there likely isn’t enough time to perform maintenance, and that will be doubly true when the epochs are shortened again soon.

If he is the secondary provider (i.e. use VPS/VDS/Dedicated server), he doesn’t need those.

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True, but he’s charging $3 per node, even with 9 nodes $27 isn’t enough to cover VPS hosting fees.

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He may run +10 nodes in this one ( The problem is on the disk performance. Contabo throttles the disk access as time goes by. If Contabo didn’t do this, probably he could run ~20 nodes on it. Maybe he has found a much trustable provider with the same cost and got over this problem :slight_smile:

This right here. @abduraman is right. You can run ~25 nodes on Contabo’s XL VPS but they throttle your disk IO because they want to force you to upgrade. After months of slashed nodes and haggling with them I can no longer recommend Contabo. Just the other day I pulled the trigger and made an investment into my own server.

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Also, that’s only 400gb of storage, you’d be lucky to squeeze 5 nodes on that if they happen to pick the same shard.

They have SSD instead of NVME which is 1.6TB

Ahh ok. Well still the largest factor is disk space/performance. I’d be surprised if anyone could make a VPS for Incognito Nodes profitable. If anyone has, I’d be interested in talking.

Also I maintain running more than 5 nodes on one instance is bad practice as you will never have enough time to do maintenance.