Coins Conversion and Big Changes in Privacy V2

I tried to make a reward selection of 1.5 PRVs, but the coins are nowhere to be seen. It’s been a long time. What to do?

When transferring other coins, it then tells me -Not enough coin to spend for fee WEB_JS_ERROR (-5)

Just create a ticket to @Support, and drop necessary information like your committee public key, your payment address. The devs will help resolve your case.

Just create a ticket to @Support, and drop necessary information like your committee public key, your payment address. The devs will help resolve your case.

OK, thanks

Hey @daniel,

The result of gettransactionbyhash RPC sometimes takes <1 second and sometimes takes 20-30 seconds. Why such huge difference? Is it related to Privacy v2 update or did I notice this fact just now? :slight_smile:


The problem might reside in 1) the your network connection, either from your side or from our side; 2) the difference of full-node’s load at the moments you make the request. In Privacy V2, we introduce a new full-node’s cache for indexing output coins of users, that might cause the problem. However, the former is more likely the reason, I think.


I am a new user of incognito, I want to be anonymous of my assets, so I found incognito, but when I wanted to use incognito, I found that all operations require gas fee prv, which is reasonable. But I found it hard to get prv, I searched for half a day on the app without finding the entrance (I’m not good at English), then I found the forum, which also has exceptionally few guidelines in this regard, I could not find an exchange that supports prv, the only exchange without depth, I could not easily find a way to get prv without prv, https://getprv. com/, but maybe it’s just a favor from God, doesn’t support v2 addresses, so I don’t have any way to get prv. I think this is a problem that all new users encounter except me.
I have a few suggestions: 1 put in the app. and upgrade it to support v2 addresses
2 create a binance bridge so that users can swap bnb(bsc) to prv, all low-gas evm’s can do this.
3 Some operations within the application can subtract gas, or official token payments, such as any tokens swapped into prv, can be deducted from the exchanged coins.
4 let users can more easily run nodes to get prv

I think incognito is a very interesting application, and I hope it gets better and better to protect privacy, while the most critical thing is that the project will keep running.

Finally I hope someone can give me some prv, thank you very much.



We have sent some PRV v2 to you. This is the txHash: 65b16daf3c97a77822b3275342b8d0e181166006adf7f02d957ea34414d9188c.

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Thank you very much, at the same time I project side can look at my proposal, although he may not be very accurate is a community-built product, we are not responsible for this. However, we are building a faucet service and it’s going to be released soon today. We’ll notify the community once it’s done.

PRV is not a ERC20, nor BEP20 token. Therefore, building this bridge is not an easy task. However, you can totally trade BNB to PRV inside the Incognito network.

Current PRV gas to create transactions is very low. However, gas is still needed to make sure the network is not DDoS-ed.

You can totally run a node by staking 1750 PRVs.


Great point! Users are definitely going to need a way to acquire initial PRV. They are not going to be able to shield new funds and do a single pdex trade even to buy PRV, send it to anyone else on the incognito network, or definitely not unshield it. All new users will enter a black hole unable to use the app.

While I understand the simplicity of PRV as the native asset, each new wallet needs to get auto deposited with some small amount of PRV, or a faucet built into the app. Very important implicantion that @Frank pointed out. Thanks for this contribution!!


Hi @marko, @Frank check out the new faucet service here.


There’s a major glitch in the Convert Coins screen. The Privacy coins are listed first. If you click the Privacy (PRV) line before pressing the Go to convert screen button, all of your PRV will get converted to V2 immediately without first asking for your confirmation. Then, when you press the Go to convert screen button, the process will fail because it says you don’t have enough PRV. I had plenty of PRV, but they were all converted to V2 before the other coins were converted. The GetPRV faucet is currently not working for either V1 or V2 addresses. Also, the Faucet button doesn’t work on the convert screen. It cannot load up a browser. It displays an error with a long URL for a couple seconds before I’m able to read it. I determined that the link points to a new faucet, which only works for V2 addresses. The only way I was able to get my coins to convert was to restart the convert coins process—and this time it managed to use the V2 Privacy coins.

This problem should have never happened in the first place because I had plenty of PRV coins. This glitch needs to be fixed because other users are going to run into the same problem.

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Hey @daniel,

getbalanceprivacycustomtoken returns only the balance of the given token. However, I want to get balances of all tokens. get"list"privacycustomtokenbalance does not work for v2 (v1 is OK). It returns with timeout. Is there any equivalent of it for v2?

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Hi @abduraman,

Checking balances takes longer time for privacy v2 than that of privacy v2, due to the enhancement of privacy (and also confidential assets). Plus, there are currently more than 1000 tokens on the mainnet.

No, both versions use the same RPC.

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Hi @guest87384,

Actually, to convert pTokens, you need PRV V2 to cover the transaction fee. So, if all PRV are converted to V2, I think you can convert pTokens as normal.

Yes, you are right. When you click on “Faucet” button, your payment address V2 will pass to a browser. The URL will be like this:

Finally, I think you converted all PRV and pToken successfully, right? If not, please contact @support, we will help.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, I read that the production of pNode has been stopped. Another way to participate in the network? Is there a replacement?

This thread is probably not the best area to ask about this. However, there is still the option to run a vNode. It operates the same way as a pNode just without the community funded staking. Therefore, you would have to provide your own stake (1750prv).

So, do we need to do the conversion also if we are currently providing prv/have prv sitting on our nodes?