Incognito Faucet for PRV (V2)

Hi Incognito community,

After the Privacy V2 upgrade, there were many users having issues with coin conversion. The main reason for it is that the conversion process needs PRV (V2) to pay fees for the conversion transactions. We tried to support an airdrop service to send automatically a small PRV amount to accounts in the app. Unfortunately, it didn’t cover all cases and caused a glitch in the conversion.

So we’re introducing the Incognito Faucet site which helps users get easily a needed amount of PRV (V2) for paying coin conversion (or even trade) fees. Check it out at

Thanks for your support!


Thanks @duc and team for the quick turnaround on this, looks great!

I’m sure the community will highlight this, as it’s been done in the past with the throttling of provide, but can we switch reCaptcha to hCaptcha instead? Should eliminate the google debate, and keep the privacy of the old


Thanks for your suggestion, we also discussed a bit earlier today on using google service. Yes, this was a turnaround so tried to make it fast, will switch it soon.


Doesn’t work in my wallet, received 0 PRV. TX ID #3f5e593cf35712ece17d7dbfbea8c7eec2fbf26e2cbd64060b6aea306d2a9ab7.

Hey, try going to Setting and uncheck Decimal digits. Then back to PRV history screen, it should have a Receive record of 0.000001 PRV there.


Yes, that was the solution. :+1:

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so. i’m new and all, so apologize in advance for my english but i’ve been trying to understand this app for 6 hours.
two things. on the faucet page.
the captcha verify button is hiding behind the banner. at the bottom. no matter what, is impossible to conform i am a human…i tried. about 400 times.

also first transaction. following all the rules i thought, trying to send into incog wallet. it went from kraken to coinbase instead. somehow.?
very confused by this.

sorry to bother. just been here all day and finally getting a little frustrated…
any help greatly appreciate

about the faucet, if the web layout broken on your phone please try to open the link on your PC’s web browser. I have no problem to use faucet on my phone

i assume that you saying about Shield, can you send me a DM with your transaction ID and Shield ID


I‘d recommend to transfer your assets not directly from an exchange to your Incognito portfolio but first to a local non-custodial intermediary wallet because of the 2 hours time window of your shielding receiver address in your Incognito wallet.

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Thanks for the information, please this is a very my noob question, can we spend the PRV token gotten from the faucet?

Yes, you can.