Bank Withdraw/deposit to/from Incognito

Hello, will there ever be an option to transfer funds to/from incognito to/from a bank account? Thank you.

Not directly, but they have partnered with MyConstant which provides a fiat on/off ramp through Incognito. It will make it where you can convert fiat directly into pUSDT, so your bank transfers will never be on public blockchain.

here is tutorial:


Why would you ever want to sell back to fiat?? Don’t be foolish!

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Thank you so much!

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Yeah I hear ya. The bulk of the fiat will be to pay off student loans etc…

Just wait. It’s about to moon sofa king hard that the interest you’re paying on your debts will be nothing in comparison.

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Think ethereums going up? That’s what I’m mostly in

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Do you really get a $2000 signing bonus for my constant?

I believe you get the interest from the signing bonus, not the actual $2K…

I know you don’t get $2,000, but the exact terms of what you do get, I am not 100% sure, as that promotion was created after I joined. I am not sure if there is any bonus anymore if you use a referral code either, but if there is, feel free to use mine:

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Lol, no. You are given $2000 on platform, for the first 30 days, I believe. You can invest the money, on platform, and keep the earnings from that interest. At no time do you actually own that $2000. It goes back to the platform after the first month.

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Results? Share your experiences please.

I have used MyConstant as an investment vehicle (never took loans) and I was always happy with my experience, the process to get pUSDT in/out has worked for me, although I believe they recently had to change policy on holding times for ACH transfers to 60 days (wire transfers, Zelle and crypto have no holding times).

It has worked for me, if you have specific question about my experience I am happy to share, but overall I like the service have had my account over a year and still use it today.


How do you send from myconstant to your back account via zelle?

In MyConstant app or website, click on the Withdraw USD option, then there is a drop down that you can change from “Bank Transfer” to “Zelle”… you just enter your Zelle email or phone number, amount, name and hit send.


Thanks so much!!

Hey doc, thanks for all your help. I have a couple more questions. How do you generate a reference number every time you send through zelle? Where does that come from. (My first 20$ deposit went through zelle, and the balance updated, but when I go to withdraw, only 1 cent is available.) the first transfer I made was an ACH transfer for 20$ And it says I have to wait 60 days Do I have to wait for the ACH transfer to go through before I can withdraw the zelle transfer?

Do all ACH transfers take 60 days to approve? Is that for only the first ACH transfer?

All ACH have the 60 day waiting period, but Zelle and wire should be instant (once they hit your account).

I havent done a transfer from Zelle in a while, but last time I did it, the reference code was provided on the screen once you selected to transfer by Zelle. It would provide you a code to add to memo line of your transfer, then once it hit my account I could use it. Sometimes Zelle was super fast (<1hr), sometimes it took a few days for some reason… but once Constant got it, I was able to use it.

Thanks Sir!!!

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