How to use MyConstant’s crypto <> fiat ramp

MyConstant is Incognito’s official US-based crypto <> fiat exchange partner. Using MyConstant with Incognito helps you work seamlessly with both crypto and fiat, bridging the gap between traditional finance and DeFi.

Create an account

First things first, you’ll need to create an account at You’Il have to complete the KYC check, fill out your info, and link your bank account.

How to link your bank account to your MyConstant account >

Crypto to fiat off-ramp

With MyConstant, moving funds from your Incognito wallet to your bank account is quick and easy.

Click to see how to withdraw crypto to fiat.

1. Trade for pUSDT

Before you can cash out your crypto, you’ll need to trade it for pUSDT. Head to the “Trade” tab and complete the trade with your desired coin and amount.

pUSDT = USDT on Incognito network (in-network)

How to trade in the pDEX >

2. Send to MyConstant

Simply send your pUSDT to the address generated in your MyConstant account.

Click to see how to generate a MyConstant address.

1. Log into your account

2. Click “Crypto” in the “Deposit” box.

3. Select pUSDT, and copy the generated address.

From the “Assets” tab in the Incognito app, click “USDT”. Then, click “Send”, and paste the address.

Confirm the transaction and it will appear in your MyConstant account shortly!

Note: As always, once your funds leave Incognito, they are no longer private.

3. Withdraw to fiat

Once you’ve received the pUSDT (or USDT) in your MyConstant account, you can initiate a withdrawal to your bank account.

From MyConstant > Accounts, click the “USD” button in the “Withdraw” box.

From there, simply choose the account, and click “Send”. ACH and wire transfers take 3-5 business days.

Fiat to crypto on-ramp

You can use MyConstant to exchange fiat for crypto, and send it directly to your Incognito wallet in just three steps.

Click to see how to convert fiat to crypto.

Note: MyConstant will only work as an on-ramp for amounts $2000 or less, as the verification process for larger amounts exceeds the 2-hour time limit on Incognito shield addresses.

1. Deposit fiat to MyConstant

You’ll need to fund your MyConstant account to get started. You can do so via ACH or wire transfer.

Learn how to deposit fiat funds to your MyConstant account >

When using MyConstant as an on-ramp, ACH transfers face a 60-day waiting period due to restrictions in place for security. Crypto-to-fiat withdrawals do not have any delay.

2. Generate a USDT shield address

From the ”Assets” tab in the Incognito app, tap ”Shield my crypto” and choose USDT.

Copy the address.

Note: Do NOT send to this address more than once, and work quickly, as the address expires in 2 hours.

3. Withdraw crypto from MyConstant

Back under your MyConstant > Accounts, select “Crypto” from the ”Withdraw” box.

Select USDT, then paste the shield address you just copied, and confirm.

That’s all there is to it! Simply wait for your Incognito wallet’s balance to update.


I’ve used this a few times already, very quick and cheaper to use vs coinbase. Can quickly get fiat to usdt which I send to pdex and visa versa :slightly_smiling_face:

Note: Use zelle to transfer fiat in and out or wire, do not use ach.

Use my referral link if you sign up hah :slight_smile:

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Can somebody fill me in on how to use Zelle with MyConstant? I didn’t see this warning in time and so I’ve got some fiat currency tied up until mid-March (2021), which is stupid. I went back to see if I could use Zelle and I don’t see any options for that on MyConstant. Thanks for any help!

Hey @franzone Maybe this post helps a bit more. Bank Withdraw/deposit to/from Incognito

Let me know if it helped!


According to their website (, they are phasing out Zelle deposits. As I cannot find an option to deposit via Zelle, I’m assuming that my new account has this feature disabled. That’s unfortunate.

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@franzone shoot—that’s too bad! Sad to hear that…

Hey @aaron, we should prob add a warning/update to your op here so more people don’t accidentally lock up their fiat :+1:

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Edited! Thanks for tagging me.

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Can we use only US Bank account?

I deposit with zelle all the time, just did it yesterday

I had a question about fees when transferring from My Constant to Incognito wallet. I have some money in My Constant already, and I am trying to get it into my Incognito wallet. I know how to go about doing it, but it says the fee for transferring USDT is $20. However, one of their blogs said it only costs $1.00. Is there a cheaper way to get from My Constant to Incognito?

Has MyConstant stop supporting pUSDT? I’m not seeing as an option to deposit and if I use the USDT code they give, it shows as going public, not staying in the network.

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Looks to be a rather recent change. PRV can’t be deposited as collateral anymore either. However PRV is still listed on the withdrawal fees page with 3/15/21 as the most recent update, yet it’s not available as a depositable asset. If PRV is gone from their platform, then so goes pUSDT.

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I will follow up on their Telegram channel to see, would be disappointing if this fiat bridge has been removed.

@Josh_Hamon here is reply from MyConstant “pUSDT is no longer supported due to a significant low volume. Not many people using it meanwhile we are in need of other stablecoins (USDT, USDC). It would be waste to prepare a reserve for a token rarely used.”

So looks like that is no longer an option.

I guess it’s good news that people aren’t offloading from Incognito? At least via MyConstant.

Now anyone know if there’s a way to turn pUSDT into USDT over TRON?


  1. Unshield pUSDT
  2. Hodl remaining 0.00000008 ETH
  3. Buy more USDT-ERC20 equivalent to pUSDT in Step 1 at
  4. Convert USDT-ERC20 to USDT-TRC20 on withdrawal

Sorry. Couldn’t help myself. Damn ETH gas fees. :rofl: