App Version 5.7.2 - Unified Privacy Token is now live

Dear Incognito Users,

In the Incognito app (v5.7.2), we are happy to announce the release of Unified Privacy Token which is usable on different pApps no matter which chain pApps are bridged from. Besides, Unified Privacy Token can be unshielded to any chain supported by Incognito.

We believe this is among the most awaited functions lately. And we’re expecting to listen to your opinions as always, please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Incognito Core Team. :v:


Great work! I have noticed the big strides forward the project has made over the last year. Thanks for all the hard work , it has and will continue to pay off for end users.


Hey Incognito app users,

Due to Unified Privacy Tokens’ support, we’ve created 6 new pools in the Incognito exchange:

  • ETH (unified) / PRV
  • USDT (unified) / PRV
  • MATIC (unified) / PRV
  • DAI (unified) / USDT (unified)
  • USDC (unified) / USDT (unified)
  • BUSD (unified) / USDT (unified)

We expected that these 6 new pools would gradually replace the 6 old pools that were created under Ethereum token format (aka Ether or ERC20).

Also, in order to incentivize people to move their added liquidity from the old pools to new ones, we’ve changed the liquidity mining rewards to only rewarding liquidity providers for the new pools. Please consider moving your liquidity to the new pools to continue earning the rewards.

Note: the APRs for the old pools showing very high on the app because they are calculated based on the accumulated rewards in the last 7 days against the current liquidity size. The APRs are expected to be reduced in a few days since the old pools no longer receive liquidity mining rewards.



This seems so wrong. So even if people trade using the liquidity I provided in “old” pools, I’m not going to get the rewards?

Then you only earn fees collected from the trades, not liquidity mining rewards.
But whats wrong with that? Could you please elaborate more?

Pretty easy to move over to the unified pools. If you stay in the old pool you’ll get the trade rewards but not the additional incentives. It’s makes no sense for added incentives to be given the old pools sincr the unified pool was what the team worked on after a number of requests / a desired feature. Otherwise what’s the point?

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I misunderstood - thought you were saying fees from trading wouldn’t be collected either.