[Completed] July 20 - 21 scheduled maintenance: Prepping for Privacy Unified Tokens

Hi everyone,

Update: we’re delighted to announce that the maintenance is complete, you can now enjoy capabilities supported by the Unified Privacy Tokens along with a few improvements in the new Incognito app v5.7.2.

From July 20, 10:00 PM - July 21, 10:00 PM Eastern Time, all functions on the app will be paused for upgrading to the Privacy Unified Tokens.

This is expected to complete within 24 hours. During this time, we will be:

  • Upgrading the backend services
  • Converting tokens in the Incognito exchange to unified ones
  • Internally testing the upgrade

For validators and providers, this pause will not impact earnings.
The release should be available in the app stores sometime next week.

Important note: to avoid any potential issues, please do not initiate any requests such as shields, unshields, trades, etc using the app, bots etc. during this period.

We will send an app bulletin to inform you when this begins, and another to let you know when it is complete. We will also post updates under this topic.

Further information for Privacy Unified Tokens:

Privacy Unified Tokens protocol update. >
What benefits the Privacy Unified Token bring to users. >

If you have any questions, just leave a comment below. Thank you for your patience!


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Hey @duc, some of us are using the “Earn” feature in the App…

  1. Will there be any impact to “Earn” during the maintenance period?

  2. Is action needed for those of us who have funds deposited into “Pool(s)” prior to the Scheduled Maintenance period? (I.E. should we withdraw all funds out of pools?)

  3. Once the new “Privacy Unified Token” is launched, what impact (if any) will there be on the “Earn” pools and APRs?


Hello @Linnovations, please find answers to your questions below:

  1. Earnings for provision to “Earn” feature shouldn’t be impacted during the maintenance: liquidity mining rewards paid in PRV will be functional as normal but the trading fees collected from trades may be reduced because of the app’s pause.

  2. You don’t need to withdraw funds out of pools PRIOR TO the maintenance but AFTER the maintenance completes, you should withdraw funds to your wallet, convert tokens to unified tokens then re-add those tokens to new pools so that people can swap with your pools easily. (e.g. less fragmented liquidity). You can unify your tokens by using the new app that will be released this week.

  3. For example, we will just need one “unified” pool for ETH/USDC instead of multiple pools for the same token pair (due to multiple networks) like before. That will mitigate liquidity fragmentation as well as make the swap experience better which may lead to higher APRs we believe.

Hope that we could have answered your questions, let us know if you have any further concern, thanks.


Thanks for addressing my questions and for providing the example above.

This totally makes sense and I wish the team all the best for a smooth flawless upgrade to the new version. :pray:


Update 1: the maintenance has started, and the features (except transfer) on the app have been paused for the upgrade. We will keep you updated on the topic once there is anything new. Thanks for your patience!


Update 2: we’re delighted to announce that the maintenance is complete, you can now enjoy capabilities supported by the Unified Privacy Tokens along with a few improvements in the new Incognito app v5.7.2.
Thanks again for your patience and let us know if you encounter any issues or concerns.


Thank you Incognito Team! I just unified my MATIC tokens that were spread across Polygon & Ethereum. The process was easy and worked beautifully :+1:

I then took some of my freshly converted MATIC unified tokens and put it to work in the EARN section of the wallet - it worked without a glitch :slight_smile:

This community is so fortunate to have such talented group of coders and excellent User Experience folks on the Incognito Developer team.

@duc & @Jared, please send along a HUGE THANK YOU to the Dev team next time to speak to them. Please congratulate them on what appeared to me to be solid and flawless upgrade.


How do you change your DAI (Ethereum) to DAI (unified)? @Jared

Hello @slabb,

Tap on Wallet and there should be a black bar at the bottom stating to click to transfer or convert funds to unified.

Thanks a bunch. You are the best they could ask for

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