Anyone working on a game that utilizes PRV

I’ve been speaking to a friend who is decent with programming android apps. Have been discussing making a basic game of collecting creatures and fighting them like pokemon but have the game funded by PRV.


That would be awesome! I would definitely play that!!


So there are a bunch of games like that on the Ethereum network that use the ERC-721 standard, they are collectibles and get stored in Ethereum wallets. I’m pretty sure ERC-721 isn’t supported by the Incognito Network as of yet.

Since the Incognito Network allows you to create custom coins, theoretically you can make this game with minimal amount of server resources. A user profile could be a wallet address, and stats could be stored by associating a particular stat with a particular custom coin. This would give stats an inherent value as there is a limit on how strong you can get based on the total supply of the coins. Each creature could have a coin associated with it as well, and the level is equal to how many coins you have. By wining fights, those coins could get distributed randomly. Since these coins are on the incognito network, selling the creatures on the market could literally just be providing liquidity for that coin (though this could potentially backfire).

Creating a game like this would mean that:

A) Stats have a maximum cap, and the more players, the more valuable stats for your account are worth

B) New creatures could be added, some being limited amounts, while others being large amounts, giving them value.

I have tons of cool ideas for crypto games because I really enjoy figuring stuff out like that. I’m also capable in coding Ethereum smart contracts, if you wanted to utilize that. Also, If you would like any help or need someone to bounce ideas off of, just let me know, cause I have a laundry list of ideas.


A game would be nice. Looking forward to how this pans out.


@Revolve wow dude some of your ideas are honestly brilliant I hadn’t even thought of use certain coins as power ups but that has given me so many more ideas. So what were you thinking along the lines of the token that identifies the creatures? But yeah using like one token called strength for instance depending on how many strength tokens you had you could level your creature to that level of strength based on amount of tokens held.

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Well this might clog up the Incognito Network :sweat_smile:, but since ERC-721 isn’t added we have to make do with what we got. To get around this, you can make a new coin for each new monster. That would mean their is a limited amount of each specific monster in the game. Having duplicates of a “monster” (pCoin), just increases the monster’s level. This would mean you can only have 1 monster of a specific type, and any time you get more of them, it just brings your one monster to a higher level. We can’t actually store data with the pCoins, but we can interpret on the game server what having each coin means.

For example, the monster level could be used as a special modifier. To get your monsters strength, it’s the amount of (strength tokens * monster level) the numbers could obviously be tweaked to be percentages and what not to make the values more reasonable.


How about a simple online casino game like this one or to start just one of those games they offer like this one it’s fun to play sometimes. Especialy now in times of high ETH gas fees many people might switch to our version. They had a volume of 14 million usd within the last 30 days if we as the bank charge like 0.5% commission for each bet we could use this for example on long term for builder rewards in order to attract even more independet developers etc. Or PRV holders could stake there PRV to create the gaming pool and simply get the commissions as rewards.


The Gamblers would love it… :sunglasses:


Is there any word out there about the Incognito chain implementing erc-721 support? And yeah thats really smart that sounds like a perfect system to get around the current implementation of erc-20s and pcoins.

@Revolve Hey bud I was thinking a little bit more and we would also need something like an elements system that we could represent with coins. But we’d need that to give it that rock paper scissors of the fighting, but could do something more creative and different than water, earth, fire, etc.

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Well, you could always do colors or gemstones.

Hmm, Maybe
Magic, Weapons, Shields
Weapons -> Magic -> Shield -> Weapons
(Shields for incognito)

Not quite sure though. I’d have to think about it. What kind of theme are you going for?

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Nice yeah thats a good idea. Could be like bows, swords, shield, magic? And to be honest the theme hadnt been something I had considered yet to be honest but it sounds like fantasy type of game would suit the idea well

Hey on another note Im working on a little project id love for you to take a look at my idea and give any feedback or assistance you may be able to give.

Thinking about providing liquidity for my erc-20 token

@Revolve ok this is happening dude. I bought the domain for the game last night and I hope you like it cause the domain was a little pricey but I called it Incognito Critters. Now do you know anyone good at drawing fantasy like pokemon creatures? I know a few people I just have to see if theyre interested to work on something like this for free lol.


Me likes the domain name you gave it…Incognito Critters…I am glad that Revolve is assisting you…thank you Revolve…as I told you in the other post…there are some awesome persons in this place that you can work with glad to see it working out for you so far… :sunglasses:


Oh boi, you’ve committed me to a project, I know what it’s like when you buy a domain, I cant let a fellow man down.

Hopefully it’s not 3d, and you don’t need much animation :joy:. Best bet would be to come up with some mockups and pay like 10-15 bucks on fiverr to get something more quality. I have a little artistic ability, but nothing that would look professional. I do know a graphics designer who does pixel art, but i’m not sure if he’d do it for free. I’ll see what strings I can pull.

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Oh no lets keep everything simple as possible to start with. I have also gotten in touch with the RPG maker community forums to see if anyone their showed any interest as they have a lot of talent related to games.

And Im friends with someone in the Philly area who told me he will get me in touch with his college friend who majored in art and loves pokemon and fantasy themes so he’d be great lol.

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Oh damn, I really like that