Thinking about providing liquidity for my erc-20 token

So a while back I made a token on etheruem called Muffin Token MFFN contract address 0x524D70F777C75Ec50291BdD69718c1a705268c8B. For a long time I had no use for it and considered things like giving them to my community if my youtube channel ever took off and then reward the holders with prizes or make a small staking platform for the community but sadly I lacked the skills to get my community off the ground and I didn’t have the knowledge needed to make the staking platform. I tried to learn the code using solidity but just always returned errors for one thing or another and I tried for weeks to get a good contract working but to no avail.

So eventually I decided one thing I could do is start by lowering the maximum supply from 100 billion to 1 million. Giving the token itself greater value from dropping its possible circulating supply down, potentially therefore driving up demand when so few exist. So I sent all but 1 million tokens to a smart contract that sends to the 0x000000000000000000 burn address and thats all visible on chain. Why would people want it let alone buy it? Well I decided one thing I could do is make a small community for hodlers like a chill little VIP community just for the hodlers of Muffin Token. The only way to access the community would be by using MFFN. Right now I have a telegram and a discord set up to use the tokens. I just need to meet someone who could program a chat bot for telegram to give out memberships for Muffin tokens. And I would like to build a burn into the contract that accepts the tokens so that half the tokens spent to join get burned. While 40% go back into a contract for community rewards treasury. Then the last 10% in the smart contract would go back into a liquidity pool on uniswap. I tried making a smart contract on remix.ide if anyone would be willing to proof read it.

But basically I have certain things set up like the token itself and many other things like the telegram, discord, and I set-up a hopeful patreon that even gives coin governance as a tier for the patreon. I have the amount of Muffin token to join the discord or the telegram set at 5 MFFN currently but would lower that potentially over time but a small community of people is the general idea keeping it more of a VIP group. But with all this stuff set up I still need a lot of help setting it all up and I’m just not great with the code and could really use some pointers or general layouts for smart contracts. If anyone would be interested in helping please hit me up.

I haven’t put any on uniswap yet as I have been low on cash loosing my job recently due to the whole covid and layoffs. I would be willing to make a liquidity pool for it soon though just need more ethereum and I’m not sure if there is a liquidity minimum when setting up a pool. I do also plan to set up some of them in a small pool on the pdex as well.

Im willing to give some of the tokens away to spread the word to folks. Kind of like grass roots marketing. It’s just pricey to send a few tokens right now due to ETH prices. This is one reason Ive debated minting more of the token on the PRV chain or on TRX. I would leave the links for the discord and the patreon but I’m not sure on the site’s policy for such things.

Thanks though to anyone who took the time to read all that and possibly respond :slight_smile:


We have put some information together in this post


Cute looking token…did read your entire post…sadly though I am all thumbs when it comes to coding so I would not be much help… :slightly_frowning_face:…but I commend you on your endeavor and I believe that here within this community you might find the help or assistance of other members who would be able to help for there are many smart and talented folks here. In the process see also how your token can be of benefit to the Incognito community as a whole so that it’s development has a symbiotic mutually beneficial relationship…in the meantime best of luck with it and will be interesting to see what you make of it… :sunglasses:


Thanks a bunch for the kind words and I have a lot of passion about it and would love to get others involved as I want it to be a community driven project with the communities say in the tokens future. And yes I totally agree I have met some extremely talented people here on the incognito community and thats one reason I posted here lol in hopes one of those smart coders would see this.

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So there are a few things you could do. ERC-20 fee’s are indeed quite high, the best way to go about moving your coins around is using the Incognito network. All you have to do is transfer the total supply of your coins into your Incognito wallet. This however means delivering them to other people requires them to use Incognito, or an automatic unshielding process.

Your main problem is getting capital to provide liquidity. How much would these tokens cost initially?

The current model requires more and more people to join to bring the value up. I understand this is a VIP group, but what is the incentive to join besides bringing more people in.

Another interesting idea would be to make it a private investing group. Where users get a vote on what happens to the funds.

If your selling the MFFN token through a smart contract, maybe every time someone joins the group, the sale price of the MFFN token increases?

I could also take a look at your smart contract. Maybe even redesign it to complete your goals better. I don’t know if I could help with a telegram bot though.

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OK yes thank you those are all perfect ideas,

This one in particular is a really good idea. I think I’m gonna run with that idea. Where a percentage of the join tokens are put into a pool that the community has say over. People can present any idea to be voted on if a member of the discord or telegram.
Also been looking everywhere for my solidity code but not having luck finding it. I’ll let you know if I have luck finding it. Is it difficult to write a burn and distribution of tokens to different addresses all in the same smart contract? Like the kind of thing where it could be easily attached to a button that then activates said smart contract?

I was also hoping for the price to be around 5 cents but I dont think I can provide the needed liquidity to make that happen have to do some math that I’m not sure about for that one lol.

There would be a fee every time you activate the smart contract. It would be easy enough to burn and distribute the tokens though. I could whip up a smart contract pretty quickly that can do that for you.

I recommend the price for joining the group could range from $2-5 small enough where someone might join but if you get 100 people to join that’s like $200-500 in total.

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Very true not wrong thats a great idea. I think I’ll set the current funds from the patreon and the fiat entry to the low level discord and use those funds for the group to decide what happens with them.
The group is also a spot for folks to share their moonshot stories and loss stories in hopes of helping others learn from their experiences and perhaps get more gains out of it.
I also have a defi central area on the discord just for the muffin hodlers that tracks the prices of all the main defi tokens and their is a defi essentials list thats like the golden rule of defi tokens to own and the community can vote on and change that essential list at anytime.

@Revolve and I just wanna say man thank you for your help you’ve been a godsend and picking your brain for ideas has really helped me out with progressing my own ideas.

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Hey, @MrCryptoMuffin, I know how to make Telegram bots, even thought I don’t really know how to program smart contracts, but maybe I can try. You can see a Telegram bot I made if you search for Cole in the forum. That bot is not actually using a smart contract to give you the coins, it’s all manuall. You can contact me on Telegram: @SenorBinario.

Hey thank you a lot @J053, So I tried looking for cole and just found stuff talking about the cole coin is cole the bot you made?

If anyone is interested in the Patreon or the fiat entry tier to the discord server here are the links. You will be labeled as a fiat hodler but youll be one step closer to being in the community. I will also airdrop 10 tokens to anyone who provides their ethereum address so you can enter the discord and the telegram and test to the tokens function.



I have another Idea for your Muffin Token. But it requires that owning a MFFN token means you are a member of the group.

If you want to scale the investment group to become bigger and bigger. Instead of investing the capital that everyone has given you, instead you invest the interest on that capital. Owners of the token have share rights to the profits of the investments that are made with this interest. They would be allowed to cash out their share of the profits at any time. But the original investment to get into the group stays and continues to provide interest for the group.

As the investment portfolio grows, the cost to join (or buy the MFFN token) grows as well. This kind of group would be super cool to invest in risky alt coins. And if the group votes, they can re-invest the profits earned into the MFFN Token itself. This scenario would give the group more capital to invest with and essentially lock in profits for MFFN holders. This is because the profits account itself holds MFFN Tokens which means it’s entitled to a percentage of the value in the profits account. Unless of course, everybody decides to cash out the MFFN tokens in the profits account to add more MFFN to there holdings :joy:

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Im open to this idea but Im not the best at math and Im not sure How id go about doing so