Weekly Privacy Newsletter - 4.5.22

Hello Privacy Protectors!

Good things require hard work. As usual, we would love to give you the summary of what we achieved the past week, as well as what we plan to do for this week.

Recent Developments

Incognito App

  • The app version 5.2.0 is released. In this version, you can export the past transaction data records for compliance purposes and pay unshielding fees by pToken instead of PRV as stated in the topic.

Privacy apps

  • Incognito <> Fantom bridge - The bridge has been released in the app version 5.2.0, Fantom users can go incognito mode from now on.

  • Incognito <> Solana Bridge - The team did internally review and detect an inefficient computation of unshielding process that might cause unnecessarily high fees. This is fixed and tested, the remaining work is looking for a 3rd firm for the Solana program audit prior to releasing the bridge and Raydium privacy app.


  • Blockchain storage reduction - Storage reduction implementation was finished and has been deployed on testnet for the Quality Assurance team to check prior to mainnet phase. Not only would this help reduce required node’s disk size, but also play an important prerequisite for block time reduction (so does transaction latency).


  • Bulletproofs improvements - That would help speed up transaction verification and reduce transaction size. Its implementation is finished and in code review phase at the moment. Document could be found here.

Upcoming Developments

Privacy apps

  • pUnified Tokens - The protocol implementation is finished and in the testing phase. Also, UI/UX design is cross-reviewed and the privacy apps team is working on the feedback.


  • Blockchain storage reduction and privacy improvements are estimated to be released in 3rd week of April. The two will significantly improve the whole Incognito infrastructure.

Growth Efforts

This week, we’re glad to have 3 new members who will be dedicated to business development and community. Welcome @Jayce_17969, @Khanh, and not-very-new face @Ducky! You can pass by and say hi to her greeting post.

Growth team will be focusing on listing more tokens on the Incognito exchange and growing liquidity pools via expanding potential partnerships. Also, we do hope that this kind of co-operation would help bringing Incognito mode to more DeFi apps.

We do need your help with spreading the word about Incognito’s app. If you have not already done so, please consider leaving a 5-star review with some reasons why you love Incognito! :heart:

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As always, if anyone has any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

See you next week!


Would love to see you add Haven XHV and xAssets. Being able to trade / swap these privately on the pDEX (and perhaps earn yield on them) would be an epic addition to the privacy coin arsenal, especially since swaps won’t be fully private on THORchain.

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For the blockchain storage reduction, what is the estimated level of improvement?

Hi @SPAddict25, we are testing and benchmarking some metrics on testnet, a detailed topic for the level of improvements will be published on the forum this week or early next week the latest.


@SPAddict25, according benchmark results on dev environment, the fullnode’s data size might be reduced a half and shards’ data size might be reduced about 2-5 times. just FYI.


Yeesh! That’s awesome, even if it is only indicative!

I just talk with consensus team and they plan to release beta build next week, so we are looking for help from community validator, to run new code on several vNodes so that we can test the compability.


Happy to help out wherever I can just send me a PM.




Thank you so much for the kind words. We really appreciate it! :sparkling_heart: