Weekly Privacy Newsletter - 3.2.21

Have you seen the new PayPal crypto ad? The tagline is, “Crypto for the people is here.”


Crypto is really gaining traction, which means we’re going to keep seeing more infringements on personal privacy just like this. If PayPal owning your keys and your crypto, and storing all of your transaction data is “crypto for the people”, then what does that make us?

The privacy movement is more important than ever, and there’s still a lot of work to be done. Take ownership of this movement and join the PRV Holders Call this Friday (or Thursday night, depending on your time zone). RSVP here and comment with topics you want to talk about.

Let’s get the people control over their crypto before corporations steal it from under their noses.

Recent updates

Be sure to check the forum this week. My monthly letter to PRV Holders is coming out, as well as the PRV Holders Call. These aren’t just ways to stay updated, they’re opportunities to share your thoughts as we wrestle to make privacy the best it can be.

See you around we.incognito.org.

Have a sunny-beach-day kind of week,