Join us for the March 2021 PRV Holders Call

A new month just started, and we’re looking forward to seeing you at the March PRV Holders Call!

In addition to the usual progress presentation, this time, we will be talking about some mainstream topics that have gotten the most interest from the community recently. Topics like:

  • Security audit progress.
  • Web v.3 - a new face for the project.
  • The product development roadmap.

If any or all of those topics interest you, then you shouldn’t miss this chance to meet and discuss things live. This is your time to not only get updated, but to share your voice directly outside the forum with real-time engagement.

Event details

This month, we want to experiment with a new time for the call. Be sure to add it to your calendar!

Time: 2AM UTC | 9AM GMT+7 | 9PM EST | 6PM PST
Date: UTC & GMT = Friday, March 5th, EST & PST = Thursday, March 4th
Livestream: Set a reminder for the stream.

Will you join in?

  • Wouldn’t miss it even if the world was ending!
  • Idk, the world ending sounds bad. I’ll join next time.

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Last but not least, don’t forget to invite your friends who care about privacy. We’d love to see more and more privacy advocates joining the call and taking part in the privacy movement over the next months.

See you there! :raised_hands:


I’m looking forward to this time of day!

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So see you on the call :wink:

Look forward to attending the meeting its been awhile since my last one… :sunglasses:

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Yes, you should be on the call, Tempest! :gun:

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And bring any question you may have :wink:

I was always optimistic about making the previous calls, that were early mornings for me… but I should stop kidding myself, I am not a morning person. Looking forward to the call.


Hey everyone, to clarify, the date is Thursday, March 4th for everyone in the US. The March 5th date refers to the UTC and GMT+7 time zones.


One of the biggest risks to the entire Incognito ecosystem is its over reliance on base stable coin assets (USDC, USDT) These two tokens make up a massive part of the liquidity base for Incognito, yet they could be frozen at any time and without warning. This creates great risk for Incognito and steps should be taken to reduce it.

The simplest way to remove this risk would be to switch to incentivizing liquidity of FRAX, and or AAVE or Compound interest bearing stablecoins (aUSDC, aUSDT, cUSDC, cUSDT). These have no risk of being frozen and also provide interest to those who hold them, a double win. We should discuss this on the call and start looking at these assets to replace the currently incentivized liquidity assets in the Incognito ecosystem.

Lets talk about it on the call.


Newcomer here. excited to hopefully join and learn a few things. If I cant join will there possibly be a recording to listen to? i appreciate the time and dedication with this team


Welcome to the community @2657k1AUcann:sunglasses:

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Definitely! It’s always better to be there, since you can ask questions and talk to everyone live, but life is busy.

The recap with a link to the recorded livestream is published somewhere between the day after and three days later (if it’s Friday night, it tends to get published Monday morning) but I try to do it ASAP. This time around, it should be published Friday morning, USA time.



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Hey @Ssmccul, that’s an interesting topic to talk about on the call. I transferred your post to the team and note down for the agenda. However, it’d be great if you can join in the call and ask this question live (just in case we accidentally forgot it :expressionless:).