2025 CBDCs? EBSI The European Blockchain Services Infrastracture BTC500K!

Here we are image

image Using Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric Technologies!

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In the two first years, the programme will start by a two-fold deployment:
 a federation of cloud services to support the delivery of two specific services of general
interest of public nature:
(a) public services provisioned by public administrations and
(b)health services by hospitals;
 the deployment of the federation of cloud services in at least one of the three specific
services of general interest of economic nature:
(a) [transport],
(b) [energy] or
©[environment] provided by small and medium enterprises that use AI, HPC, cloud or
blockchain to deliver the above services.

This will be done in close synergy with the ‘health’, ‘clean planet’58 and ‘smart cities’ actions
proposed under the Digital Europe programme.

Europe has already a blokchain apparently
I would like to know if i can Mine EUR if i apply for validators
Incognito will achieve financial privacy in a CBDC world!

XMR will be revisited as a store of value and payment system!

Incognito has to become the final privacy layer for all cryptos and interoperable and decentralized like no one