(Solved) Need prv - faucet doesnt work

Hi, I need prv coins to trade. I cant exchange for new prv coins because I need prv coins first. The faucet doesnt work unfortunately. Can you please insert the min amount needed to trade on my wallet? 12soDQokoWJtbqDB536Lx6HrsBYfwpwxCyUp7z7HGc5DZz4Yb8uZGAeQk6cUNWAxb9UqkPEGnAjTq5sNicmVEjuAx8oBCET2EKGvrctR5Ww94TAjCPC9hDDfZiFmjK8LRTiyjTQo5j3dfjTCQG7N

Sending you some PRV, one moment please.

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I’ve just sent you 0.5 PRV. Please swap some crypto into PRV to cover future TX fess.

I’m going to mark this thread as (Solved) . Feel free to reach out to @Support directly if you need any assistance. Welcome to Incognito. :raised_hands: :incognito: :prv:

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