Questions about App Quest Games

how can you play games in the app

pls help me to play games

Hello @Ali_Rodriguez_08,

The Quest Games are no longer running. That promotion ended a while ago.

ok thx

what can you do in the app??

Incognito is a privacy app. You can shield/unshield (deposit, withdraw) via 13 bridges to standard non-privacy coins like BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT, etc., and also privacy coins like XMR, ZEC, etc. The app also allows you to trade and swap, run a node, and more.

Incognito also offers 2 different ways via the app for users to gain interest on their crypto. Via single-sided liquidity on our Provide feature and double-sided liquidity on our Earn feature.

Check out the white paper for a more in-depth overview:

ok thx

is there a privet discrod in the app??

We currently only have Telegram available for instant communication.

ok thx but are they going to a privet discord