[Product release] App v5.9.7, Extension v0.0.5 and new web UI

Hello Incognito users,

We’re very excited to release the new version of Incognito mobile app (v5.9.7), wallet extension (v0.0.5), and new web UI. More detailed release notes can be found in the following sections.

Incognito Mobile App (v5.9.7)

(this version will be automatically updated after an app restart so you won’t need to update it from app stores)

  • Improved app performance especially the Android app.
  • Supported shield, send, receive and unshield for Avalanche and Near coins.
  • Supported anonymous swap with Trader Joe’s exchange in Avalanche.
  • Fixed swap fee estimation & validation bug.

Incognito Wallet Extension (v0.0.5)

  • Supported adding and removing coins from the wallet.
  • Allowed searching coins by name (instead of by token ID like before) on “Add Token” page.
  • Improved scanning coin process with % progress for more intuitive UI. The process will still be running in the background unless you close your browser or computer.

Incognito Web UI

  • Simplified Privacy Markets page. (thanks @abduraman for the suggestion)
  • Supported shield, send, receive and unshield for Avalanche and Near coins.
  • Supported anonymous swap with Trader Joe’s exchange in Avalanche.

Other users’ feedback will be released in the next versions. Feel free to share more feedback/suggestions so that the team can make the products better.

Thank you!


I’d just like to say… THIS IS AWESOME!!!

Sorry for shouting in all caps, but I truly mean it.

I :heart: the fact that we don’t need to update the app via the app store. With all the hacks going on, I sometime get paranoid saying to myself… “Am I running the latest app, if not I could get hacked”. But with Incognito App I have a peace of mind that when I open the app, it updates to the latest version.

This is a good example that this project is home to a bunch of amazing bad ass developers.

Thank you Dev Team for making the app a pleasure to use and for creating a wonderful upgrade experience keeping our crypto safe within the app.

Hey @Jared, feel free to pass on this message to the dev team next time you speak to them, thank you.


The feedback on syncing is very nice. However, I don’t understand why when I import the master key from my mobile device in the extension I don’t get the same accounts. ie, The mnemonic from my phone produces different addresses in the extension. How can that be?

I miss the old swap all button (infinity symbol) and the option for reducing trading fee by PRV :laughing:

Hi, this button is now available on the mobile app and the team will add it to the web version soon.

The trading fee must be paid in the token you’re trading instead of PRV. I’m also sorry for the inconvenience that this feature is no longer supported.


Hi @3ncrypt3d, sorry for the late response. Was your mobile account created a long time ago? Technically, the way Incognito generated an account on a mobile app a year ago is different from how it does on the extension at the present. So these accounts may not link to each other. Although the two platforms have the same way of creating an account now, it might happen with those generated a long time before the code was updated. To solve this, please transfer your funds from the mobile address to the extension address if you prefer a unique account.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I created the mobile account long ago.

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