Weekly Privacy Newsletter 11.11.22 - 11.25.22

Quick Take :spiral_notepad:

  • :speaking_head: AMA on Reddit: Incognito Team will have an AMA on r/CryptoCurrency around next week! That is going to be online from 2022-12-01T12:00:00Z โ†’ 2022-12-02T12:00:00Z! More details here.

  • :world_map: Roadmap: Our Roadmap for Q4 is live, please check it out here!

  • :people_holding_hands: More Community Spaces: Weโ€™ve reopened Incognito subreddit at r/IncognitoChain. A community space on Discord will be opened next week.

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Technical Developments :construction_worker_man:


  • One more step toward decentralization by reducing fixed node dominance to 34%. The new docker tag has been released, if you are a network validator, please get your nodes updated if they havenโ€™t automatically. More details here.

Privacy Products

  • A Product Release announcement has been published for Mobile App (v5.9.7), Wallet Extension (v0.0.5), and new Website UI. Curious about what things were implemented or improved? Please check out the release note here.

New bridges and DEX integrations

  • Avalanche and Near are the two latest names to join the Incognito privacy league. You can shield, send, receive, and swap the blockchainsโ€™ coins with privacy now.

Growth Efforts :chart_with_upwards_trend:

  • Partnership: Regardless of the current situation of the market, our team has been working tirelessly to reach out and talk with our partners for co-marketings and announcements. We have had an agreement for co-announcement with AutoFarm, Impossible Finance, Abracadabra Money, and Kyber Network. TraderJoe and Trisolaris have agreed to join the Privacy League, and we are currently discussing with EPIC Cash and PirateChain.

  • Reddit AMA: Regarding our Reddit activities, we will conduct an AMA in r/CryptoCurrency subreddit! The moderators of r/CryptoCurrency and our team have agreed, our AMA is going to be online from 2022-12-01T12:00:00Z โ†’ 2022-12-02T12:00:00Z!

Have you noticed that our subreddit r/IncognitoChain has reopened, we are updating the content to keep it up-to-date with the most recent developments. Join in r/IncognitoChain!

See you around :wave: