pNode offline

Slashing would more than likely be handled client-side. So nothing to worry about there.

Thanks, you are right. We still have things to do with this one. :muscle:


Hi admin, been earning fine on my pNode. Starting just yesterday it shows that my pNode is offline on the app, but the blue light and the internet light is on. Nito bot shows my node is on waiting and is OK (although with 200ms, this should not affect much imo). Should i just let it be? Seems people are experiencing the same problems. How do i power cycle my node? I threw away the box in case it’s written there :sweat_smile:

Just thought I’d add myself to the list of people experiencing this bug. After earning, my pNode will not show the IP but will show that it is in waiting. Then after a few minutes (I will also initiate a ‘withdrawal rewards’ during this period), it will show as offline. The only way to resolve the issue is to power cycle.

Is yours still earning with the grey dot?
As soon as mine earned, it went offline, but the blue light is on.

Hey @cureau @fiend138 Are you guys still having this issue? There was an update that was just pushed out, can you check with the latest update to see if you are still having this issue? There was a small display issue with nodes not displaying properly which has been fixed.

@fiend138 does the node show offline on the app and on one of our Community-built Node management tools ? Or just in the app?

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I have not tested it to see if it still earns. Once I notice the offline status I’ve power cycled the pNode. If the issue persists I will wait and see if it’s still earning. Knowing my luck, that will be the time I have to wait for more than 2 weeks to process a block haha.

Just the app. I haven’t tried any of the community tools. I don’t check my app very often. I look in about once a week or so.

Node status in the app has been a long standing problem. Always use Nito bot or Ensi to check the status of your node. 99.9% of the time, it’s fine.

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I have kept track, it greys out on average every 12 days. It does not affect the earning or really do anything more than drive me crazy. I just unplug, count to ten and replug. They have spend some time trying to figure out what is going on but after a year it does not really bother me as much. If your node goes offline for real Nitto bot would tell you. You can sooth your nerves by inquiring node status on Nito by typing : /status


I’m still having this issue with the latest app update (4.0.1) - it happened this morning again. And I confirm - it’s NOT connected with earning finish. I think, it happens with both of my nodes every 7-8 days. Grey status in app, “waiting” status at Node Watcher, Nito and Ensi bots. Could it be some issue with router DHCP lease over or something like that?

Wait, your nodes are grey in the incog app, but say waiting when you look at their status in node watcher, Nito, and Ensi correct? I can check your node status if you provide your public key.

Ok, I have to clear it up. I mean both appear grey in the app not in the same time, it depends on last power cycle time of concrete node. For example, My node 1 was powered on 17th of Jan, became grey in the app last weekend and earned nothing this time. My node 2 was powered on 18th of Jan, earned twice on last Saturday and appeared grey this Monday. And yes - “waiting to be selected” in node watcher, Nito, and Ensi , when it’s grey. When it happens again, I just cycle power and after power up - everything is ok. If you convince me, that I don’t have to do it, ok - next time I try to wait. Should I have to tell support to check it remotely in that grey state?

Why I mentioned DHCP lease? Just my thought.

The status displayed in the app just isn’t reliable. This has been an issue with the project since the beginning.

The app will report your Node offline when your Node is, in fact, NOT offline. The community-built node watch apps such as Nito and ENSI are reliable indicators where the official app is most certainly not reliable.

Thus, if the app is reporting your Node is offline but either (or both) Nito or ENSI are reporting the same Node as Waiting, you may rest assured your Node is online and waiting.

The dev team may try (again) to fix the issue with the app. However there are many tasks on their agenda – including protocol improvements and new features – so it’s anyone’s guess as to when the app status reporting issues will be resolved.

Succintly – use Nito and/or ENSI to monitor the status of your Node. The app is unreliable in this regard.


This ^

Ok, I get it. One more thing to ask.
If node’s power will be shortly cycled in the middle of epoch due to any reasons, could it decrease node’s chance to be randomly selected for the committee somehow? Is node alive time used for chance determination?


When dynamic committee size via slashing is released to mainnet in the near feature, perhaps. But now, the answer is definitively, no.


To be certain – Nodes are selected to committee through a random number generator algorithm.

External factors such as “Node alive time” generally would not affect this random selection. It will be after this random selection, when a (future) Node may be slashed due to criteria such as “node alive time”. To a (future) validator operator, the end result appears identical: the Node did not participate in committee because it failed to meet an online availability threshold (aka “node alive time” in your example). The distinction is important because the slashing criteria does not affect random selection. It will be applied after random selection.



I did not know what most of this means, is there a way to tell me f the node is active by what’s given in the picture? Thank you

Click on watch my node and you will have the answer

Once it is done you should find the status of your node as in the picture:


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