Community-built Node management tools

Hey everyone!

Update: A hotfix has been deployed and node display should now be working as expected.
Some node displays are currently undergoing maintenance. You may find that you cannot view/add a new node to the Power tab on the Incognito App.

Not to fear! This is simply a display issue – your nodes are still alive and earning. We are working on a fix, and hope to have that deployed ASAP.

In the meantime, if you would like to keep track of your nodes, our beloved community builders have made some amazing tools that will help you keep an eye on earnings and check the status of your nodes.

Below you can find some of our community tools:

Nito Telegram Bot

@josh_hamon’s Nito bot has some awesome features including but not limited to: checking the status of your node, latest PRV price, the total number of validators on the network and more!

If youd like to know more about Nito or how it works, this post will give you everything you need: Nito FAQ (Telegram Bot)

To add Nito to your Telegram, click the link below:

Ensi Telegram Bot

@J053’s Ensi is an excellent tool to track all your node earnings. Some of Ensi’s features include: tracking your earnings, statistics for all your nodes, viewing earnings in USD based on latest PRV price, and sorting nodes by last reward date or how much you earned this month.

To read more about Ensi and its upcoming features, check this: J053 - Ensi Telegram Bot

To add Ensi to your Telegram, click the link below:

Raz’s Node Watcher

Dont have Telegram? Node Watcher is for you!

With @raz’s Node Watcher you can paste your public key into the website and get information regarding the current status of your node. It’s easy to see if it’s earning, waiting to earn, which shard it’s currently on and more!

Visit Raz’s Node Watcher here.

-Have a good day!


THANKS Chucky :roll_eyes:
I did not know that such tools exist, I will definitely use them :100:
I saw the inscription on your name “Rebel” what does it mean?


Give the search function a go and see what it can find for you.

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Your welcome! In the past i got a badge for being part of the “Privacy Rebels”. I choose to proudly show my badge off :sunglasses:


WOW wow wow You’re so funny :rofl: :joy: :sweat_smile: Thanks :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil:

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Hey guys. The hotfix was deployed and your nodes should now be showing up properly. Please update the app and add your node to the Power tab and it will display properly.


Was wondering what happened to @raz 's node watcher site Seems to be offline for more than a week now.

If the problem is compute, I’d be happy to provide some to keep the service running.

All 3 of these tools are excellent I have used them all and they are a credit to their respective builders… @Josh_Hamon, @J053, and @raz…thank you so much for having created such useful and powerful tools for the community… :sunglasses: