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Hi, after 4 months of running a pNode I have this experience, when the Node goes in earning mode, after it’s done and goes back to waiting than it’s status goes OFFLINE in the app. Although on the device the blue light is still on. So It has to be manually restarted to get it back ONLINE in the app.
Has this been reported before? Is there a thing I can do abt it? Thanks.

The search engine shows more than a few topics when you enter pNode offline, so yes it has been experienced and mentioned by others before.
However the latest update should make things a bit more accurate when it comes to Node status in general.

Did you update the app? Does the Power tab show colored dots for Node status?


Yes I thought the new update should have taken care of this. My app is up to date, showing green dot next to the Node code now. Before restart it was grey.

As I wrote above, this happens regularly after pNode finishes earning session.

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What firmware version is your pNode using?

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That is weird. One of two things is happening

  • the app can’t connect to the Node and thinks it is offline, while the network can connect to the Node just fine. (Connection between network and Node, and Node and app are different things)
  • the Node is actually offline, nor the network, nor the app can reach it.

Does the Node show up in one of the Node watch tools built by the community builders?

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Ok I see. Lastime I checked it through Nito bot when such a situation occurred, it seen the Node always online, while the app did not. So It must be that the app has problem reaching it.
I can’t check it right now as the Node is online in the app, but will pay attention to it nextime.

[Support edit: removed info related to old app version]

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Let’s leave this open and wait till you earn again. If you could update on what happens, that would be great.


I’m have a similar issue with all three of my nodes currently. My nodes are still listed as waiting though on nito and my google sheet. So, im assuming the issue still remains from before the app update. It just seems the “fix it” notification has been replaced with a gray dot?

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I can confirm this to be the case for me as well after the earning cycle.

I have had same issue, the node just goes offline ( grey ). No power or internet issues noticed.

I’m in the same situation. Says offline in the app, most current app too. But it’s fine on node watcher. Says it’s waiting to be selected there


My node also was offline and had to powecycle it to show online in the app.

Any permanent fixes? Should I just set my node to powecycle daily?

@mythkw best way to see if it is connected is to out your public key into nito. Even if it shows offline in the app, nito will tell you if its running or if there is a real problem. Most times there is no problem with the actual node.

Aha…so if it’s ok in Nito but offline in the App…than dont worry abt it, it’s fine? Thanks!

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Also my node sometimes goes offline. With the latest firmware the situation is better, but I had to power-cycle 2 times yet (gray icon on the App, local IP not shown).
I can connect only with WiFi for the moment.
I suggest the team to check the firmware and make the wifi check more robust. For example rebooting the pNode if there is no internet connection (even with WiFi connected) after some attempts.


Thanks @Horus87. We are having a check. Could you provide some information about your case in a private message? A Node ID, a screenshot of the Node screen when it is gray, etc… will be helpful.

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My pNode has earned even when the dreaded grey dot pops up. Right now both my pnodes are grey Dotted and one was Just selected to earn. I have decided to just leave them grey for now.
One of the Admin is working with me tonight to check the issue out. I will post the results if there is any answer to the issue.

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Ok, next time I will do some screenshots.
Currently the App shows my pNode with a green dot (Waiting) bunt in the details there is no IP. I remember that in the past there was also my local IP, when the node was in waiting mode (green). Don’t know if this is another minor bug. But check also how the IP is reported.
I will report all the strange behaviors here. However in my case the last firmware resolved a lot of issues. My node was disconnecting every week (sometimes 2 times per week) before. But the reliability is not 100% yet (under wifi).

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This is still happening after earning. Telegram Bot and Node Watcher say that the Node is “Waiting”. But the mobile app says the node is “Offline”. How do I know what the real status is?