Please don't fix this error LOL

Just woke up to find this error on the trade screen:

Please don’t fix it! I say that because everything is so much faster right now - selecting coins, the trade screen refreshing with the coin amounts, the actual trade, etc… I’m fairly certain the error is it not showing prior transactions.

If that’s the only real problem, please go back to the old way (old app before the pdex upgrade), where you had to press a link/button “show transaction history” to see transactions.

This is way better right now. Yes, I would like a way to see my transaction history easily (of course it is necessary) - but the every day aggravation of slow speed is terrible. I am way happier right now using the app and making trades.

It may be that my experience is so bad normally because I have a ton of trades - but that shouldn’t ruin my experience.

Also, for anyone who saw my post about the app closing when the screen goes to sleep on the trade screen - that’s also not happening now with this error. Another huge win!

Thank you!

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I posted this right after I started using the app this morning. Now after using it for another 10 minutes, I have to post again.

I can’t begin to convey how much happier I am to use the app right now. It is SO MUCH BETTER (Faster!). The difference is unreal.


OK, now I am tagging @Support because my trades aren’t going through now. I submit a trade and I watch the percentage go up, but it doesn’t get to 100% (I’ve seen 90-95%) and I don’t get the “you submitted an order of X for Y… keep trading” message/button.

I still hope you will stop auto-loading the transaction history - as the app is SO much more responsive/better to use… but, I do need to be able to trade…

Hey @yoo! How are you doinggggg?

Firstly, I can’t stop laughing while reading your post title. Very hilarious! It confused me a lot because I don’t get…what you want haha :joy: :rofl: Fix or not? :joy:

JK! Let me guess, your issue is that you wanted to see your trade history but the request went failed? Now that you want an easy way to see all those tx history in the Trade tab? Could you please confirm if I get your point correctly?

How about your trades now? Have they gone through yet? If you’re still suffering from this stuck, I’d recommend you to send a PM to @Support with your trades details. We can support you until the problem is resolved, but publishing your trades info here is not an ideal way. :blush:

At last but not least, thankkkkk you sooooo much for your kind words about our app improvement! Devs read it and are so happy to know about your positive experience using the app! We truly appreciate your stay during our development time. That means a lot!

If you find it happy to use Incognito app right now, then…have you rated us :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: yet? :slight_smile:


Hi @Ducky Thank you for responding.

I just cleared all app cache and data (through Android settings) before I saw your response - which essentially is the same as uninstalling and re-installing the app (I had to enter my seed phrase again). The “problem” is fixed now - however, in some respects the app was significantly better when it was “broken.” Please read on.

Let me try to better explain what was happening. Open the app, tap on “Trade” (bottom middle of the screen), tap on “Swap” (at the top). Normally in the lower section of the screen under “Swap history” it shows your trade history. What was happening today (prior to my wiping the app), was that the trade history was not loading (area showed empty) and I got the error in the screenshot I posted above.

A benefit of the trade history not loading, was that the app became SIGNIFICANTLY more responsive - I can’t emphasize how much better the app ran for me. It seems to me that my very large trade history must be loading into memory and causing issues. Without the trade history auto-loading, the app is 1000x more responsive. What I was asking is that instead of auto-loading the trade history, put a link/button on the bottom of the swap screen to open the trade history if you would like to see it - instead of loading it automatically every time.

PLEASE consider what I am asking… I have fixed the “problem” by clearing all incognito data from my phone and re-entering my seed phrase - however, the app is back to being terribly slow. This is not an old or low-end phone that I am using. I believe the problem is because of my large trade history, however - I don’t see any reason to load it automatically every time the swap screen refreshes. I rarely need to see the history, I want a more responsive app!

Please pass this on to the devs - The app would be much more usable with the change I am suggesting.

Thank you!!


Thanks for the suggestion (from your experience). That makes sense to me, we will improve it in the next releases.


awesome - thank you!


Thanks for taking the time to explain the issue in a very detailed way. This helps our devs a lot to figure out what to improve the app in upcoming releases.

Ps: Sorry for joking you :see_no_evil: :speak_no_evil: I hope you don’t mind!