pEthereum Developer Tutorials

Learn to make privacy-protecting dapps with Incognito Mode SDK

Welcome to the pEthereum developer tutorials. This document shows you how to build privacy-protecting decentralized applications (or “dapps”) with Incognito and Ethereum.

  1. A typical Ethereum dapp consists of an end-user mobile/web app and a set of smart contracts. Dapps offers an entirely new programming paradigm. They’re trustless and unstoppable. But the tradeoff is huge: they have to give up user privacy.

  2. Using Incognito Mode SDK, developers can add incognito mode to their dapps and let their users retain privacy. Dapps are no longer only trustless and unstoppable, they’re also privacy-protecting.


The following is a series of step-by-step tutorials to learn to build a privacy-protecting dapp from scratch or add incognito mode to an existing dapp.


Learn how to build an unstoppable message board. You’ll learn how to send instructions from Incognito to Ethereum. (Estimated time: 30 min build)

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Learn how to build a privacy-protecting DAO. You’ll learn how to receive data passed back from Ethereum. (Estimated time: 2-hour build) - coming soon.

Developer Grants

Have a good idea? Submit a proposal, get funded by the Incognito DAO, and build what you love. For more details, check out Community builder rewards program