Weekly Privacy Newsletter 10/13/20

Happy Tuesday!

We never sit still at Incognito, so buckle up for another jam-packed weekly update!

Member updates

Core development

You can use your skills to bring privacy to the masses. Check out the criteria for builder rewards to get an idea for your next project.

Thanks for reading this week’s update! Get on over to we.incognito.org to join the privacy conversation and make some real change.

Have a wonderful week!


Thanks for pushing out app updates through the app stores.

  1. It significantly boosts us in the ranking. i.e., searching “incognito” doesn’t even bring up this project in iOS because the app was not regularly updated.
  2. I’ve always thought it’s a little strange that there can be secret updates without updating from the app store.

Anyway–I like the new change. Keep up the good work.