Community builder rewards program

What it is

Incognito is designed to provide for those who sustain it. If you power privacy, you earn block rewards, community rewards, liquidity rewards – and now, you can earn builder rewards. This is an experiment to incentivize and reward useful products built on or for Incognito.

Calling all privacy-minded builders: how can we make privacy more accessible to a wider audience? How can we ensure freedom for the future of money? It’s your turn.

How it works

Utility is and always will be Incognito’s first priority. Our current products are just the start of our privacy roadmap. Help us think bigger.

From June to December this year, 115,000 PRV (equivalent of $100,000) will be put towards sustaining products built by the community.


If this initiative succeeds in its goal of building out the Incognito ecosystem, it will be extended. Here’s a longer term view:

Every month, the community will vote for the best of all finished products. If a product receives 30% of the vote, it receives 30% of rewards for that month. Pretty simple.

It’s important to note that this is not a bounty system. Products are eligible for rewards every month, for as long as the community considers them useful. We hope this will support thoughtful iteration and dynamism, and encourage builders to divest time and attention to building products with long-term usefulness.

Do you use products?

Vote for the product you love. In this first iteration of builder rewards, the core dev team will hold 70% of votes, and trusted community members (TL2 and 3) will hold 30%. This structure may be subject to change at any time. Voting will take place right here on

Voting will open during 3rd - 4th week of every month. Rewards will be distributed on the last day of the month.

Do you build products?

Hi, it’s nice to meet you. Let’s get building. It could be a web wallet or DEX, an anonymous payments processor, a browser extension, etc. – there’s no restriction to what you can create. It doesn’t have to be brand new idea. If you want to build a better version of something that already exists – go for it.

If you need a little guidance or inspiration, work around the key initiatives laid out in the core dev roadmap, or check out our products wishlist. If you think there’s something else the project needs – do it. You’re the boss.

Feel free to first post a topic in the Builders/ Community category, so the community can get on board with the development process, share their excitement, and celebrate the success of the product when it ships.

Once your product is ready, just create a topic for it in the Shipped category here on A friendly moderator will move it to the Vote category when voting commences for the month.

Will this replace the previous funding structure?

Yes. We’re lucky to already have the start of a vibrant developer community, who have built a strong foundation of useful products. We hope this new structure will support them better. We let the previous DAO design run for a few months, and found it passive and bureaucratic. That’s not Incognito. We believe builders should stay agile and creative.

So builders can now build in any way they see fit. The only result that matters is if their product is useful to the people who will use it.

If you have any questions, feel free to post a reply to this topic, or send a DM to @andrey.

Check out full progress:


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July results


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August results


big :hugs: from a builder!

I love this new funding setup, and I’m already thinking about new products to build :heart:

That will definitively support builders.

Thank you!


Hello @andrey :smile: Excellent opportunity!


You’re the best! Can’t wait to experiment your new product :slight_smile:


Is there grants for projects? Thinking of creating an npm module to generate and accept prv so websites can integrate prv easily and accept it as a payment gateway

Check out the OP, it’s not a grant system. It’s starting its third month, the bottom of the post has the reward listings.


I would use your module on, I’m sure I’m not the only one.

That’s cool idea. For sure many people will find it useful!

Basically if you join builder rewards, you will participate in the rewards voting every month, since the moment you have a product to use.

Usually voting starts at the last week of every month.