OUSD Yield in Incognito?

If I swap my pDAI for pOUSD on the pDEX, will my balance grow in my wallet like it does on Ethereum? OUSD is a stablecoin that automatically invests in DeFi, so it would make an OUSD holder’s balance increase in their wallet – would it work like this on the Incognito network too?

Hmm. I dont think this could work with incognito. And may need a bit more info about OUSD, let me ask, so daily you get dividends from holding the coin? Or is it something similar to “rebase” tokens where supply constantly moves?

I haven’t been able to play around with it yet as I’m still waiting for my OUSD mint to confirm on the Ethereum mainnet, but based on what I’ve seen, a holder’s OUSD balance constantly increases based on the current APY it gets.

Those kind of tokens are not supported

@Chucky, OUSD is rebasing token so no need to look into anything.

Interesting, I checked the pDEX and it does route through Kyber for OUSD, so how does that work?

Unfortunately, experience shows that not all users do it on time, so we can’t guarantee that your OUSD will match your rebased amount. Technically you can still shield and swap before the rebase happens, but it’s at your own risk.

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