Node Cluster for multi-node owners

our hardware team is working on a prototype of node cluster. the common pattern we’ve seen with node owners is that after you get one node you start to get multiple nodes.

we thought that it would be a better option to have a product designed specifically for multi-node owners.

  1. the production cost of the whole cluster is less than the cost of producing multiple single nodes, so we pass on the cost-saving to multi-node owners.

  2. it’s less messy to have one single device in your home, rather than having multiple nodes set up at different places.

  3. get it ready for node pro version when you can have a few nodes in the cluster mining prv, while some other nodes mine other chains like ethereum 2.0, harmony, or bitcoin lightning network.

here are some initial sketches. let us know your thoughts! how would you like us to build this device for you?




feedback from @jaroslav via telegram


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how can we do cable management on these devices?
i hope that each has a docking mechanism so that user just need to stack it up on each other, no need to plugin power cable and ethernet

another question, how many node device can be stacked up in a column?


The goal was to design a Node Cluster consists of 10 modules in a column and a power base.
Each module will connect to each other by using some kind of magnetic power pins, instead of using normal big power & ethernet port.
For example:

And a Cluster works by stacking these modules upon the power sourcing base. The power base will also have cable to plug in power socket as usual & an ethernet port.


Thanks for your response @Linh.n
Since we have up to 10 modules, each module need to connect to internet, so the bottom power base also has a switch (networking switch 10 ports) ?

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Actually, based on my idea concept, we will build an Ethernet Switch/Hub inside of each Node module to share the networking line. And this one also using a special port connecting to each other the same as the power-pin plug ( replace normal Ethernet port).
This means the bottom base still only has 1 Ethernet port beside the power jack for all.
So, with the new Cluster, I think there’s no more a bunch of messy cables & wires.


As a form factor this is very intriguing. I’m curious about the bandwidth requirements to run 10 pNodes off a single cable in a home environment. Would 100Mb be enough of a connection?

Multi node users are looking for a cost savings so how much of a cost savings would be key. More so than space saving.

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Tks Josh, we already considered this and the transmission rate of Ethernet LANs using now able to support at about 1 Gbps, not just 100 Mbps.
Currently, this product is in the development process, we trying to figure out the best way to design & make everything working on more efficient, including cost-saving. :grinning:

I was meaning what connection would the user need at their home? For example my home internet package is 100Mb/5Mb, would that support an entire tree? (while watching netflix?)