Need vNode Help

@Rocky, I am having the same issue. It has been running fine for the past few months until 3 days ago. It is using the latest chain’s code version 20230224_1.


Please follow the bootstrapping guide if you have stalling: Node Operator Bootstrapping Introduction & Guide 🤠

Just bootstrapped beacon and shard and restarted the server. The issue persists.

When running the bootstrap, prior to entering 88 or the next thing to bootstrap, was there any errors on screen?

Also, who is your hosting provider?

No the bootstrapping completed successfully. I have 5 nodes on the Contabo Cloud VPS M.

We can no longer recommend Contabo for hosting vNodes as they are notorious for throttling users disk read/write speeds.

With that being said, stop the node, navigate to the directory for this node, then delete/remove all directories except for mainnet/block (since you bootstrapped these already). Finally start your node again and within ~15 minutes recheck the Node Monitor.