Litecoin goes Incognito


Litecoin was created to help people control their own finances. It’s fast, scalable, and has a large community of supportive users. However, without privacy, the control Litecoin offers is limited.

As founder Charlie Lee told Coindesk,

“I want to make is so that users don’t have to worry about giving up their financial privacy by using Litecoin. Even if you’re not doing anything illegal, you don’t want people to know how much money you have or what your paycheck is.”

Bringing financial privacy to Litecoin

If you can trace crypto transactions, that cryptocurrency is no longer fungible or entirely safe. Privacy fixes that.

The Incognito community loves Litecoin, and we’re excited to contribute to LTC by offering a way to use it anonymously.

By using your LTC on the Incognito network, you no longer have to worry about your privacy. No one can stalk you. No one can know your balance or what you spend it on. No oppressive government can surveil you or seize your funds.

How to shield, send, and store LTC anonymously >

How it works

When you send LTC to your Incognito wallet with the new bridge, you receive pLTC at a one-to-one rate. From there, you can use your LTC as you normally would, within the Incognito network. All tokens can be swapped back to standard LTC at any time. Your pLTC will be burned, and standard LTC will be released to your wallet at a one-to-one rate.

How trusted bridges work >

The next step for Incognito x Litecoin>

Shield your LTC now and enjoy peace of mind.

Download the app:



Will it be a new LTC address when you return it back to your ledger? Would you recommend LTC over Zcash?

Hey @Karkoor
Whenever you shield your LTC, you will have a new temporary LTC address. You can check details about how the shielding and unshielding process works here: How trusted bridges work.

We are also working on the Ledger integration, and soon all your transactions will be even more secure.

Regarding your question about LTC and Zcash, we don’t give any crypto advice :slight_smile:
However, feel free to make a topic about it here on the forum and discuss it with other community members:)


Thanks for the information on the trusted bridges. I don’t trust ledger live that much, so it will be really good once Incognito works with ledger.

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