Link to locations to earn badges in a easy to find list

Good morning. I just saw this badges thing, and, of course, I’m thrilled to have something to chase after. I searched “badges” and found a lot of wonderful info. However, I ran into a wall that got me thinking. For example, I found that there is a badge for finishing the New User Tutorial. It showed me the badge, so I searched new user tutorial and got nothing. So my suggestion is to have an updating list of all badges, with links to the requirements to earning them, so enthusiasts like me can easily work on knocking them all out, Bam Bam Bam. ? Perhaps a badge icon in the main drop down menu? Something easy to navigate to, that makes earning badges more accessible?

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The Disco bot invites you to the tutorial. This conversation is apparently missed by many.

Searching for link badges, gave me this post

That one should make it easier to find information on badges in different ways.

Direct link:

Discourse menu:

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