Ledger hardware wallet support?

Not yet. The dev team has said they will be working on this but I don’t believe it will be anytime soon.


Too bad. That’s a show-stopper for me.

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@devs: I could help out here and develop a wallet app for the ledger. If this is nowhere on the near roadmap I would create a builder project out of it and get it done if there is some integration support for the app or one of the web wallets?

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I think someone are currently build this product for Incognito, I just hear somewhere in our forum

That’s great! I’ll be watching for it.

Hey @sayne if you could develop this project as a part of builder rewards it would be awesome. Pretty sure community will appreciate it and share the builders pot :slight_smile:

From the core team perspective, it will help us to prioritize up other development (for example official web extension, with ledger integration)

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@gemma (, @andrey): Where did you read this? Can you link the post or git repo? Is there an active development project going on for this?

Otherwise I will set it up, though I guess the core team needs to do a code auditing at the end and submit it to Ledger for the LM.

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I’ll check in the morning with our devs on how they see this process and how we could synchronize resources)

I think @gemma refers to this proposal. Earlier @Isyyyy mentioned that he wants to integrate it with hardware wallets, but there is no updates about it.

Here is the link with details - Isyyyy - WIC - Desktop Wallet

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Yes, definitely makes sense to align with everyone working on wallets here as well, it only makes sense if it integrates with them all. Could also totally understand if you cannot outsource this work for that reason.
But, like for the OP, the missing HW wallet support right now is a major pain in my foot for this project as well, so I am very eager to see this getting implemented and gladly help on this end wherever I can.


I think we are all ready for this. I hope we could see it before the end of the year.

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You folks are the best :sunglasses:

Any update on your teams thoughts, @andrey? I am also still waiting for feedback from Isyyyy about his progress. Do you know if he published his code for the desktop wallet somewhere? I couldn’t find anything.

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Hey, @sayne will be able to give you feedback from the core team tomorrow.

Regarding Isyyyy, @Ducky can you help to get this info ?


Hey @sayne @andrey, ok let me try to ask @Isyyyy about this progress. Looking forward to seeing the Ledger app side of a hardware wallet, which could integrate with WIC.


Where the hell is the ledger support?!

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+1 waiting…

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It’s not on the 2022 roadmap. It’s a requested feature but the team have many other items to focus on.


I didn’t realize that… very disappointing. I am not comfortable leaving my funds on the blockchain longterm if there is no plant for ledger support. I need that extra layer of security ledger provides.

@Jared @Ducky, is this true its not even on the current list of items the team is working on?

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I’ve reached out to the devs for clarification.

Hey @brico84, yes I personally do agree with you that a hardware wallet is needed for sake of higher level security. :+1:

Unfortunately…yes its true! But not because we aren’t aware of the importance of Ledger wallet usage, but because devs are having lots of works to do atm. To be clear, devs are currently working hard on enhancing our infrastructure, integrating more privacy applications, building wallet extension on web-based, etc. I think you can get more details about those works in the 2022 Roadmap post and Q1 summary post. I guess it’s matter of resource. :face_with_thermometer:

Let’s be a bit more patient. Hardware wallet will come soon (hopefully!).