Join us for the December PRV Holders Call

Hey folks,

December is around the corner! Start the amazing month by hanging out with the Incognito core team!


If you joined our previous PRV Holders Call, you might know that this is one of the best opportunities where we can give a proper presentation about our achievements of the month, as well as discuss with the community what’s next to drive the project forward. The most important aim is to have constructive input from the people this project is for: you!

The Privacy Quest is considered the highlight of December, and will be a main feature of the call. Learn about privacy concepts, find hidden QR codes, spin the lucky wheel, and win entries into a drawing for 1 BTC. This might just be your most special Christmas ever!

If you have any questions or feedback about how to improve the Quest experience, join the call and share your views.

Event details

Time: 2PM UTC | 9PM GMT+7 | 9AM EST | 6AM PST
Date: Friday, 4 December 2020
Livestream: on Incognito YouTube channel.

Will you be joining this December call?

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  • See you next time!

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Should you have any additional questions, or ideas for the call’s format in 2021, you know the drill! Leave a comment below in this thread, or drop me a DM. I’m all ears!

See you later!

-Incognito team


Sorry all, 9am is too early for me on the US East Coast as I work very late nights. Looking forward to hearing updates though and seeing where we’re headed. Have a good call!

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Hey @Mike_Despo, sure, we will have a recap for the call posted as usual, you can re-watch it then. Meanwhile, if you have any interesting aspect that you want it to be discussed on the call, let us know! :smiley:


Looking forward to it!

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See you on the call :wink:

Guys, let’s share here what topics that you would like to discuss on the call. :wink:

You need a “Maybe” option in the poll above :wink:

I want to join, but not 100% sure I will be able to because of work.

Some questions that I am curious about!

  1. In terms of offering the maximum value to the community at this point, what is better to provide liquidity with Provide, or validator nodes, or both? :slight_smile:
  2. What is the current funded staking offering? Is this still only available for pNodes, or is this also available for vNodes too?
  3. With the some of the funds having been moved from the BTC address of the 2016 Bitfinex hack this week, I was curious what sort of action if any Incognito would take if addresses like these with known stolen funds moved to Incognito?

Great questions to discuss on the call.

Regarding 2-
Funded stake is only available to pNodes.

Great, thanks! For funded state, that lines up with what I saw on the forums from earlier this year, just wasn’t sure if that had changed. Good that the info is current on this in the forums :+1:

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Guys, the call will be on-air in just 30 mins. Let’s join together! :muscle: :raised_hands:


:slightly_frowning_face:…sorry for missing the call today…was under the weather…hope it went well though…Andrey and the dev teams and moderators always have rockin calls… :sunglasses:

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We will publish the recap of the call soon @Tempestblack. You can re-watch it then


Thank you…will do… :sunglasses:

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Hey everyone, we made a recap for the December PRV Holders Call here. If you missed the live call on last Friday, or would love to enjoy it one more time, feel free! :slight_smile: :black_heart: