RECAP - December PRV Holders Call

The recent PRV Holders Call was a blast! In this era of social distancing, getting to interact with everyone live is a welcome reprieve from the isolation.

This month, a record-breaking 55 people joined the call! :partying_face:

And, that wasn’t the only record broken. We mentioned multiple all-time-highs Incognito achieved in November, from shield volume and trading volume to a new metric we’re prioritizing, the number of shield transactions.

In addition to laying out the growth we experienced and the initiatives we worked on in November, we discussed what we’re doing in December and the near future, according to the new 2021 Privacy Roadmap.

If you were there, thanks for joining us. But if not, we’ve got you covered. You can watch the recorded livestream here:


Intro - 6:15
November Growth - 8:38
2021 Roadmap - 19:34

Layer 1 Results - 22:24
Layer 1 Initiatives - 29:43

Layer 2 Results - 33:15
Layer 2 Initiatives - 39:30

November Builder Rewards - 46:43
Builder News - 50:55
Privacy Quest - 54:45

Q&A - 57:40

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What’s next?

There will be another call the first week of January, and we hope you’ll join us!

In the meantime, please share your feedback in the comments - How can we better support you? What do you want to see in the next call? Is there a specific reason you always - or never - join the calls? Let us know!

If you’re interested, you can also check out the other PRV Holders Calls.


I love this team! Great job :clap:


Awesome! :metal:

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Thanks @aaron for making this recap. And thanks everyone for joining in our month hang out. Hope to see more and more new faces on the next call - January hang out! :smiley: :raised_hands:


Didn’t know about the LBRY channel, going to subscribe in a sec. :sunglasses:


Attention! Contains a lot of information. Thank a lot… @andrey

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Subscribed and supported the channel with some $LBC. :money_with_wings:
But hey, @aaron, please tell the person managing The Incognito LBRY channel to upload the missing videos, incl. December PRV Holders Call. :wink:

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Thanks, and thanks for letting me know! We’re on it.

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