Introducing Incognito CLI and Golang SDK (version 2)

Hi everyone,

As mentioned in the weekly update, we’ve just released an Incognito SDK V2 for Golang language. This is a very helpful tool for Golang developers to build or integrate their apps/services with Incognito platform. You can look into the tutorials to explore more about it.

Besides the SDK, we’ve also rolled out a simple CLI tool to offer functions that not existed on Incognito app for non-technical users such as retrieving transaction history, consolidating UTXOs, etc… These tasks are usually time-consuming and not suited to run on a mobile phone app.

Enjoy the new tools, thank you!


Hi everyone,

you can download the pre-compiled executable incognito-cli here


This is awesome!

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Thank you @duc and the dev team for another incredible tool…CLI…that will be helpful to many a user and will I imagine cut down on some of them support tickets being that users will be more self-sufficient…thank you once again… :sunglasses: :100:

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Hi all, the team just released a new version of the CLI tool. You might find it at

Changes in this version:

  • Added send method for transferring PRV and tokens
  • Added convert method for converting PRV and tokens from v1 to v2
  • Added pDEX utilities: trade, contribute, withdraw, checkprice.
  • Changed default version of mainnet client to 2 (for Privacy V2). If you want to use a client of version 1, consider using the global flags: host, and clientVersion.

Please give it a try if you’re interested, thanks!