Introducing Incognito CLI and Golang SDK (version 2)

Hi everyone,

As mentioned in the weekly update, we’ve just released an Incognito SDK V2 for Golang language. This is a very helpful tool for Golang developers to build or integrate their apps/services with Incognito platform. You can look into the tutorials to explore more about it.

Besides the SDK, we’ve also rolled out a simple CLI tool to offer functions that not existed on Incognito app for non-technical users such as retrieving transaction history, consolidating UTXOs, etc… These tasks are usually time-consuming and not suited to run on a mobile phone app.

Enjoy the new tools, thank you!


Hi everyone,

you can download the pre-compiled executable incognito-cli here


This is awesome!

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Thank you @duc and the dev team for another incredible tool…CLI…that will be helpful to many a user and will I imagine cut down on some of them support tickets being that users will be more self-sufficient…thank you once again… :sunglasses: :100:

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Hi all, the team just released a new version of the CLI tool. You might find it at

Changes in this version:

  • Added send method for transferring PRV and tokens
  • Added convert method for converting PRV and tokens from v1 to v2
  • Added pDEX utilities: trade, contribute, withdraw, checkprice.
  • Changed default version of mainnet client to 2 (for Privacy V2). If you want to use a client of version 1, consider using the global flags: host, and clientVersion.

Please give it a try if you’re interested, thanks!


Hi everyone,

I am happy to announce that a new version of the Incognito SDK V2 has been released. In this version, we support the following functionalities.

We have also made a tutorial series for developers to easily integrate the Incognito network into their applications. It is worth noticing that a local cache layer is available through the client itself, and it now does not require users to submit their keys beforehand to retrieve their balances.

If you are building an Incognito-related application, please give it a try. And if you experience an issue or have ideas, feature requests, submit them here.

Thank you and have a pleasant start of the week.

Best regards,


Hi everyone,

I am happy to announce that a new version of the Incognito SDK V2 and the CLI tool have been released. These releases mainly focus on the functionalities of pDEX v3. The detail changes are as follows:

  • SDK

    • Added pDEX-v3 utilities
    • Removed pDEX-v2 utilities
    • Improved UTXO cache: concurrent UTXO retrieval
    • Added more information to accountInfo: payment address v1, validator public key
  • CLI tool

    • Added Local UTXO cache: disabled by default, use flag --c 1 to enable
    • Added Staking & Un-Staking functions
    • Added Shielding/UnShielding EVM tokens (ETH/BSC/ERC20/BEP20) through EVM bridges
    • Added Shielding/UnShielding BTC via the Portal V4
    • Added converting all tokens in a solely one command
    • Added checking the receiver of a transaction
    • Fixed bug init txver2 error: txHash changes after unmarshalling
    • Added new utilities for pDEX v3
    • Removed pDEX v2 utilities. ADDED NOTE (thank @Mike_Wagner for this): If you want to withdraw liquidity from the pDEX v2, use this release.
    • Grouped commands by category (backward incompatibility), old commands do not work anymore.

If you are building an Incognito-related application, please give them a try.

Thank you and best regards,


Grievances heard. :smiley:


Sorry for the confusion. There is a separate release for withdrawing liquidity from pDEX v2.