How to earn 13% APY on Monero

In this instruction I’ll show you how to maintain Monero liquidity pool and earn 13% of farming reward on all provided coins.

Feel free to skip some of the steps if you are an advanced user

Step 1. Open your Incognito wallet

Don’t have a wallet yet?

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All new users will receive 0.1 PRV for free. Additionally, you can always use incfaucet in case you need more PRV.

Step 2. Shield your XMR

Choose “Assets” on the main screen, then tap “Shield” to see the list of tokens.


Choose verified XMR from the list and copy your wallet address.


Send XMR from your external wallet to the Incognito wallet address.

Step 3. Invest your Monero

Tap “Provide” on the main screen to go to the staking section. Then tap “Provide more”.

Make sure that you choose the account with funds. To switch between accounts tap the button in the upper right corner.


Choose XMR and enter the amount you want to stake. Then when you are ready click “Provide liquidity”.

tutorial2.002 copy
Double check all the details on the confirmation page and click “Confirm”. After a couple minutes, your investment balance will be updated.


Step 4. Withdraw Reward

Tap “Withdraw” in the provide section. Choose PRV rewards or the coin you would like to withdraw.

tutorial2.002 copy 2

Click “Withdraw rewards". Wait some minutes for your main balance to update.

Tutorial.003 copy


Great tutorial!
I hope people read it before asking questions :sweat_smile:
A FAQ or TUTORIAL tab within the incognito app, which has links to this and other walk-throughs would be super nice imo :ok_hand: :v::pray:


Great idea, maybe just something as simple as linking to the Users->tutorials category.


Thank you for the detailed tutorial!


Great idea @flurgx! I will let the team know and let’s see if we can add that feature to the app. :wink: