How to back up your private key for account recovery

The private key is the only way to restore (recover) an account in the wallet, or for example when recreating your wallet on other devices. Following these simple steps to backup all of your private keys before conducting any activities in Incognito app.

  1. Update the app to the latest version. On the home screen, tap on the ‘Keychain’ icon to access to the account screen.

  2. Select ‘Back up’ option at the end of your screen.

  3. Tap on 'Copy all keys" button to copy all pf your private keys to the clipboard

  4. Paste your keys to somewhere safe, or you can tap on ‘Choose back up option’ and select a place that you want to save your keys. Anyone who has access to your keys has access to your funds. Select one of the given options and proceed as usual.

Tip: You can also back up the private key of your accounts separately. On the Keychain screen, tap on the key icon on the right of each account.

On the second row, tap on copy icon to copy the private key to the clipboard.

Then, save it somewhere safe.
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They key icon is great.

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Hi there, i’ve just lost my phone and forgot to save private key, any other ways for account recovery?

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Hey @Horace, so far backing up private key is the only way for account recovery. So please do your back up first before making any activities in app.

FYI: Good news is that ‘Key recovery’ is in our R&D stage now. Please head over to Incognito's 2021 privacy roadmap for the world for further information. :blush:


Can we import a txt file to back up all keys once time only, now I have to import one by one, it’s okay to copy for 3-5 address, what if you have 10-20 nodes with different addresses


Hello @Jersey, welcome to the forum!
Have you tried this option? Either “Back up all private keys” or “Copy all keys” should work.

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I mean when we import key again, then have to copy address one by one right?

You are correct. I hope the new HD wallet will make it easier for us. Stay tuned!


I reinstalled the app… , made account recovery from the private key, but the balances turned out to be zero… What’s wrong?