How can we convert a frequently used account to a brand-new account?

Hey @Support,

As I use an account, the tx creation with it is getting slower. Consolidate feature does not solve this problem. Its effect is very limited. To understand where this problem comes from, I’ve performed some tests via RPC using that account. Yes, it seems the problem is on the chain side. For example, with a brand-new account, I can create a trade request selling PRV via RPC within 0.1 second. However, when I use my frequently used account, it takes 2-3 seconds. I called defragmentaccount RPC on the used account and re-tried. Again I got similar results. So my question is this: “Is it possible to convert a frequently used account to a brand-new account in terms of the tx creation time using RPCs? If so, how? If not so, will we have to change our account time-to-time (ofc depending on the usage)?”

Btw, I tried defragmentaccounttoken RPC as well but I couldn’t succeed in calling it with the correct parameters at all. That’s why I couldn’t test a non-PRV trade. Could you share a correct call example for that RPC?



Is this and 0(Zero) UTXOs bug somehow related? I don’t see any update on the other one whether it is fixed or not.

Back when I first joined the community I made a lot of big and small txns just to test stuff and soon clogged up my wallet with UTXOs (I think).
So my txns got slower and slower, especially pDEX trades, which often failed.

So I tried consolidating my UTXOs with the option in the app settings, which mostly returns:

Consolidation complete.

You’re now running at peak efficiency.

What’s the problem with that?” you may ask? Well, in my experience between then and now, consolidation option in the app doesn’t do anything unless there are (enough?) UTXOs to consolidate.

How did I conclude that then? Because when my UTXOs reached to a point where almost all my pDEX and most of my regular txns failed, the app notified me to consolidate my UTXOs after which my problems were solved.

I don’t know whether it is the accumulating UTXOs, increasing nonce, even txns with higher amounts often take longer in my experience.

Not sure what the connection between these are, I just wanted share my related experience in case it helps in any way.

For my case, no but it would be good if it was fixed too.

Th problem of the app’s Consolidate function is that it consolidates just PRV utxos. As of now, the app cannot consolidate non-PRV coin utxos.