BCH supported?

I can’t trade any coin and convert to bitcoin cash (BCH), no matter how I try. It says BCH is supported. Why can’t I trade for it?

Where does it say its supported? I just looked at the pdex and I don’t see it.

BCH-ABC is available using the BEP2 network token.


Like an ERC-20 token, anyone may trustlessly add a BEP2 token to the pDEX. And like an ERC-20 token added in such a fashion, trading is only facilitated when the Add feature is used to add two-sided liquidity on the pDEX.

Though the token is “Unverified” in the screenshot, it is possible for it to be “Verified” with just a few steps.

Any other unverified Bitcoin Cash token is a privately minted Incognito token and cannot be used to shield/unshield or trade Bitcoin Cash.


To clarify, before I test it and send some BCH into the abyss, lost forever, this does not permit me to do the following:

  1. Shield ETH to pETH
  2. Trade for pBCH
  3. Unshield/Withdraw BCH to normal, NON-BINANCE BCH address

You can only use BCH directly between Binance and Incognito, not with “real” BCH addresses? If this is correct, is there any way to privately (avoiding Binance exchange) convert a coin to BCH with Incognito? Really don’t want to have to be dependent on a centralized exchange for my Incognito BCH conversion to work…

There is not a BCH bridge (yet) for Incognito. Therefore, no - you would not be able to withdraw pBCH to a non-Binance chain/address.

To be clear - the BCH token above is unverified. While the BCH-BEP2 token appears to be properly added on Incognito’s Binance bridge, it is highly recommended to proceed with an abundance of caution when interacting with an unverified token. As a rule of thumb, unverified tokens are best avoided all together.