Free listing on the Incognito exchange for ERC20 and BEP2

What is the Incognito DEX?

Launched in November 2019, the Incognito DEX is the first confidential, permissionless decentralized exchange that allows cross-chain trading. Incognito is currently the only crypto exchange that protects users’ privacy. Unlike other exchanges, there are no KYC requirements and no data collection.

Main advantages:

  • Verified A+ Exchange on Nomics; on CoinMarketCap (soon).
  • Completely anonymous. No KYC. No trace.
  • Cross-chain trading across BTC, ETH, all ERC20, BEP2, and NEO tokens.
  • Permissionless. List your token for free. Nobody can delist you.
  • Cross-pool trading. More than 300 pairs are available.

Both liquidity and trading volume have skyrocketed since its introduction. Here’s a quick look.


Growth: +50% month-on-month

Total liquidity: $7.7M


Growth: +68% month-on-month

Total volume: $12.8M

Average daily trading volume: $250K

List your token on Incognito DEX if you

  • Care about privacy
  • Want to expand your audience to a community of privacy enthusiasts
  • Are tired of fake volumes on exchanges
  • Want total freedom for your project, and your users

Cross-chain flexibility

Like public DEXes such as Uniswap and Kyber, the Incognito DEX utilizes an automated market-making mechanism. Unlike Uniswap and Kyber, you can list not just ERC20 tokens, but also BEP2 tokens, NEO tokens, and ZIL tokens.

Incognito is the only DEX which allows cross-chain trading. Start a trading pair with PRV and open the gateway to trade against BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT/USDC and more – without the need to add liquidity to these pairs.

Trade with freedom

The Incognito DEX is private. It’s also permissionless. This means freedom for your users, and freedom for you. No application process, no listing fees. List your token in just 20 minutes. You choose your own terms – nobody will be able to delist you. No lock-up. No limitations. Add or remove liquidity any time you want.

Here’s how to list your ERC20 and BEP2 tokens.

For select projects, Incognito is happy to supply the PRV half of the required liquidity. Please DM @elena with details about your project if you are interested.

Join top projects and go Incognito

BNB, Matic, NEO, and more have already made the switch to the Incognito DEX.

So kickstart your market now. Your users are already here. Why aren’t you?

Access Incognito DEX from the app

Download for iOS, Android.

Take a closer look

Explore activity, trading volume and available pairs here.

More about the DEX and how it works

Introduction to the Incognito DEX
Tech overview
Trustless integration with Ethereum

Pitch deck

Incognito DEX free listing


Nice article @elena !

@Bruno this needs a section on the spotlight page too with something like: Interested listing your token on Incognito DEX?


Damn this is pretty awesome. If I can find the time in a day or so here I will try to make a little article about this on Publish0x and hopefully some projects will be able to take notice. Really great incentive!


Can anyone list any coin they want? Or do I have to contact the team and get them to list it? I would really like to list MTXL and NANO as well as a few other projects.

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You can. Only against PRV each, but you can.

You may add liquidity (i.e listing) just for erc-20 (ethereum) and bep2 (binance) tokens (in addition to chain-native coins such as btc, eth, zil, neo, tomo). For other chains, you need to wait for the implementation of the technical basis.

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That would be the best support !

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Hey @Brakley yep as J053 mentioned you can list any ERC20 or BEP2 token without contacting the team.

All pairs can be set up against PRV. We make it to standardize the trading process and develop cross-pool trades when by setting up one pair, you will be able to trade any to any token :slight_smile:


Hey @walkonwayvs!
It will be amazing, feel free to ask if you need any more information. I’ll be happy to help you:)

Also if anybody know where we can publish this information to reach out more projects, please share it with me. You can leave the suggested resources in this topic :pray:

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Thanks Andrey!

Also I want to add that there is no minimum amount of liquidity, so anyone can list the pair with the liquidity amount he can handle. Then other users will help to increase it:)

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Hey @elena, is this campaign still valid? I have connection with 2 ERC-20 token projects. One of them is a stablecoin for Turkish lira.

To be clear, could we go through an example? Let’s assume that PRV is 1 USD and I have a token X whose price is 0.5 USD. If I as an author of the X project provide 1000 X for the liquidity, will the team provide 500 PRV for the other side of the pair? Am I correct?

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Hey @abduraman, yes, this campaign is still valid.

The example is also right, but the project should pass selection.

Please fill the form and we’ll check what can we do in your specific case. :slight_smile:

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I know, no problem :slight_smile:

I think the project authors should fill in that form, shouldn’t they? I’ll contact with them. I give them the URLs of the form and this topic.

Perfect, thanks @abduraman :hugs:

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