[Answered] Withdrawing from provide

Good afternoon, how do I withdraw my coins from provide since the network is being shut down within 30 days. Thank you


I am asking the same thing. Usually it has to be squeezed through the pipeline by a worker anyway. I don’t mind losing my PRV that’s worthless now, but my provide funds is a good chunk of my assets.

Hello @Joshuatroutman & @GoldFella,

Please go through and request your funds from Provide as usual.

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How do i request my locked provide prv

The liquidity pools are rather dry, not sure the trade would even process.

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Ok thank you for everything

@Joshuatroutman @GoldFella 100% withdrawals from Provide will be processed, we will be removing the term lock so you can withdraw the locked ones too.


Thank you

How long will withdrawal be

On what date will the lock be removed?

Within less than 36 hours.

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Still seeing provided funding as locked,

I’ve attempted a withdrawal of just PRV and it hasn’t give through. I assume that currency is lost?

Am I doing something wrong or are the “provided” PRV still locked?
If I have to let go of my 1342 PRV, I will survive, but I’m a little in a panic to lose my other cryptos!

I’m not really a geek on those things and I hope there are some instructions for an older person like me, if different from the usual SEND feature to withdraw our crypto.

I’m guessing this is a huge rug pull. Been over 36 hours, pending. Lame.

Hello @Meisine,

I replied to your other post. PRV in provide is still being worked on to release all locked terms. ALL other crypto in Provide can be withdrawal immediately and then unshielded.

Not a rug pull. There is a huge backlog due to many users pulling funds all at once in Provide. Feel free to send over your TXIDs for each Provide TX that is pending and we can take a look.

Thanks for responding. I was almost having a heart attack, thinking that I lost all my money!

Hello @street1336,

Please open a support ticket by messaging @Support with your pending TXIDs for Provide. I’ll have someone from the app team look into them.

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I was able to withdraw most of my token, but I’m stuck with the BTC.

  1. I’m trying to send my BTC to my Binance wallet and I’m not sure how to answer the “Unshield” question about time sensitivity

  2. I ran out of PRV again to cover the fee, even though my wallet had 1,342 PRV in it

Would you please advise?