(Answered) My withdraw TX from "Provide" is stuck

Hi, I submitted a Withdraw from Provide on 25 June 2023 2:57PM
Usually, the withdraw is processed in 5-10 hours.
My Withdraw TX ID = 6499990 has not been processed and it’s over 40 hrs.

Can someone look into this please?


Hey Jared, thanks for getting back to me.

Is there a way I can get some visibility into the depth of the queue so that I can avoid submitting my transaction at times when the queue is full?

Btw, can you please share some insight into how the Provide withdraw queue is managed?

Below are some additional questions:

Is there a limit per wallet on how many withdrawals made in a day?

If there a $USD threshold that flag a withdrawal E.g. if a whale decides to withdraw 1000 BTC from incognito, with this trip manual intervention by someone on the incognito team to manually review the withdrawal request.

Thanks Jared.

There is not any publicly available dashboard or functionality for this and the devs are quite busy.

First come, first serve.

No, the only limit requires that 1 provide TX processes at a time. There is no dollar amount limit.

We have no such way to monitor this and we wouldn’t want to. I’m not sure what the benefit would be as users funds are their own and adding a manual review would just cause a delay and serve no purpose.

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Thanks for addressing my questions and concerns @Jared.

Thanks for confirming that the it is a fully automated process with no human (manual) intervention.

Jared, you are an amazing support team member working on this project. We are very lucky to have to tending to the “Help” tickets. Many thanks :pray:


Good thread.

I have another question. I know that Provide Reward withdraws take hours to process. I tend to try waiting 12 hours. However often I still have pending Reward withdraw TXs & think that I need to submit a ticket. I have 3 addresses on my phone wallet, each with Stable staked on Provide, so I’m doing Reward withdraw & additional providing regularly.

How much time should I give Provide Reward Withdraws until I open a support ticket? 24 or 48 hours?

Is there a queue both on Provide staking (paying-in) & Provide Reward withdrawing?
I’m NOT generally withdrawing Provide capital. I’ve only noticed Reward withdrawing taking ages…

7 days

I assume “7 days” is a joke, since that seems preposterous. Which means there is no std answer. I’ll just wait 3 or 4 days…

7 days is the correct timeline before requesting a support ticket, correct?

Provision withdraws (as stated in the app) can take 5 - 7 days. With rare cases taking to 10 days if a large amount is withdrawn (as sometimes nodes can get stuck unstaking).

Provide REWARDS should take 24 - 48 hours. However, they are processed on a “first come, first serve”. Thus, if someone requests a large amount nodes may need to be spun down and can cause a bottleneck to requests placed after.